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P1090376 Marina Bay Hotel at Night

First Stop - Singapore

Flying from Germany, most people fly first to Bangkok, then on to Yangon in Myanmar.Since I had never been to Singapore, my family and I decided to fly first to Singapore, stay a few days, then fly on to Burma. It was a good decision.

P1090462 Zoo lion

Singapore Zoo

Like no other zoo in the world. The people are in the cages and the animals roam free!

Cycling in Burma

Cycling in Burma

Cycling in Burma is the title of this section, but I’ve included several forms of transportation that the people use to get around here. in this country. In the country’s largest city, Yangon (Rangoon), there are no motorbikes and in other parts of the country, the only way to get around is in horse carts, oxen carts or on foot.

P1100252 Kalaw Market

Burma - The People

Friendy, open, honest.... more about this later.

P1090790 P1090813 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda

Culture - Religion

P1100582 Inle fisherman

Inle Lake

Unlike any other lake in the world, Inle Lake lies at 900 meters (2800 feet) altitude. Although the lake is only about 5 feet deep on average, the fishermen here are able to catch enough fish to feed their families and offer the rest of their catch at the marketplace. Here, you find the floating gardens, the floating marketplace and the long-necked ladies who earn their living by weaving articles of clothing.

P1100384 Trek

The Land and How They Live

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