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Last Update:  28 November 2015

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 Although there are many many bicycles in Burma, the way people get around is overall much different from what we are accustomed to. I hope you enjoy the photographs. 

Cycling in Burma

A car is expensive in Myanmar, so, many people ride a bicycle. But they use it for much more than just getting from point A to point B. Nearly every bicycle has either a carry box or one or two extra seats. My last taxi was a bicycle. Bicycles are used for transporting everything.

Ein Auto ist teuer in Myanmar, daher fahren viele Leute Fahrräder. Aber das Rad wird für viel mehr benutzt als etwas womit man von Punkt A bis Punkt B sich bewegt. Fast jedes Fahrrad hat eine Kiste oder ein oder zwei extra Sitzplätze. Meine letzte Taxi war ein Fahrrad. Fahrräder werden für alles gebraucht.

P1100831 Bagan Cycle Transport

That’s right. The men below are wearing skirts while riding a bicycle. It’s the traditional clothing in Myanmar.
Richtig! Diese Männer tragen Röcke während sie Fahrräder fahren. Es ist Tradition in Birma!!!

P1090651 Burma Bicycle
P1100837 Bagan Cycle 2 ladies
P1100827  Bagan Cycle Taxi
P1100826 Bagan Cycle Transport
P1090650  Men Riding Bicycles in Skirts

On the way to the marketplace! Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures. I took these with my small camera on the roll from a taxi.

Unterwegs zum Markt! Die Qualität von diesen Fotos ist nichts besonderes. Ich habe sie mit meinem kleinen Foto unterwegs im Taxi gemacht.

P1090652 Burma Bicycle Going to Market
P1090658 Burma Bicycle P1090661 Burma Bicycle Going to Market
P1090659 Burma Bicycle
P1090660 Burma Bicycle 3rd Wheel
P1090748 Buddhist Tempe

I once tried to transport a rain barrel on my bicycle - only one! It was a catastrophe. The man below had no difficulty with 6 barrels.

P1110084 F Village transporting barrels
P1100834 Bagan MotorCycle Transport
P1090756 Bicycles Sabei in Burma#
P1090757 Bicycles
P1090761 Bicycle Taking Mom to Market

No, those are not trash bags, but rather items for sale!

P1090766 Tonlado Cart

Taking Mom to market!                           

P1000162 Taxi w Chris

To transport heavier items, you need a “tonlado” - sure - just push it on the highway through the traffic!

P1090771 Bicycle Relaxing at the Café

My son, Chris, in a taxi!  Why is everyone carrying an umbrella when it isn’t raining? The sun is very hot!

P1100194 Road to Kalaw
P1100865 Angela and Tun Tun
P2260216 monks on moto
P1000211 Bagan sunset

Sunset in Bagan

Two monks and a friend!

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