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Last Update:  14 May 2015

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Arrival and Our Apartment in Windhoek

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

The City of Windhoek

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

Vreugde Farm

Okapuka Ranch

Etosha National Park

Namibia by Air

003 Namibia arrival IMG_0005
002 Empty plane IMG_0004
005 angela on terrace IMG_0007
008 Angela Kerstin P1260092
008b IMG_0024
008c IMG_0025
008d P1260106

Namibia 2015

After a quick stay at the airport in Frankfurt and viewing the National Soccer Team airplane (Superflieger Fanhansa), my wife, Angela, and I took an empty airplane to Windhoek (Windy Corner) in Namibia - our first time on the African contentinent. 

001 Siegerflugzeug IMG_0003
004a angela on terrace P1260090

We were invited to stay in the home of our good friends, Kerstin and Martin. How could we refuse to stay in such a beautiful place?

007 garden P1260091

Not much grass, but there are wonderful ways to resolve that problem.

008a IMG_0021

It feels like we’ve landed in Paradise!

008k IMG_0035

A great place to relax and forget about our worries at home!

Click it!

009 Don Kerstin Kaiserstrasse IMG_0008
011 Angela Kerstin perimeter P1260094

The sun shines from dawn to dusk in Namibia - 360 days per year.

013  view at sunrise  GOPR8732
012 don Kerstin perimeter IMG_0009
013 sunset DSC00034

There’s not much rain here, as you can see from the dust on the road.

011b Angela Kerstin P1260104

And the sunsets are spectacular.

014a Acacia Tree P1260110
014c Acacia Tree P1260112

Acacia trees are everywhere.

015 giraffes P1260098 (2)

The Acacia pod is odd.

019 head P1260119

But the wildlife is different from that in Europe. These giraffes were enjoying breakfast on the hillside.

027 acacia sunset IMG_0052

This baboon went to see his Maker.

026 sunset IMG_0049

The second day ends.

216d P1260887 Giraffe Mtn View

More giraffes the next morning - these are about 1 kilometer away.

216f P1260892 Giraffe Mtn View
113 Mountain View Home IMG_0124
112 Mountain View Lion P1260210

Home of a Resident Nearby

114 Giraffe Mountain View P1260212
116 Angela Mountain View P1260213

A Short Walk with Angela - (click the pic)

119 Hedge Mountain View P1260214
120 Nests P1260206

Cactus Fence

124 Birds IMG_0143

So what are these hanging in the tree?

125 Birds P1260215

Right! Home for these birds!

126 Birds P1260218
127 Birds P1260220

Papa Bird

128 Birds P1260223

Mama Bird

129 Birds P1260222
217 IMG_0439 grey bird
218b P1260904 grey noisemaker
218a P1260902 Bird
217d P1260895 Mtn View flower
238a P1270241 Napkin Holders
238c P1270243 Napkin Holders

What a Clever Idea for Napkin Holders

239b IMG_0499 Coffee Time Cactus
240j IMG_0513
240e IMG_0508

My Wife and Good Friends Kerstin and Martin

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City of Windhoek .

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