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Last Update: 29 April 2011

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P1100962 ZowZow

What are the Burmese people like? Very friendly and very helpful. More about this later.

P1100972 Zowzow & Mother

Zow Zow’s home and mother. His father was fishing this day, so I could not meet him. Most Burmese people live in simple homes like the one here.

P1100971 ZOWZOW Home

Zow Zow - a young friend I met in Bagan, who showed me around the city and helped my family find the marketplace.

P1100974 Zowzow boat
P1100975 Zowzow Home
P1100955 New Bagan Market
P1090773 Lady Transporting a Basket

Market in New Bagan

P1100844 Bagan Mother and Daughters
P1100062 Boy at Golden Rock
P1100225 Kalaw Pine Hill Resort Shan Girls
P1100252 Kalaw Market
P1100065 Fighting Boys
P1100063 Girl needs dental work
P1100067 Boy with Tatoo
P1100357 Kalaw girl
P1100086  Kyaiktiyo

The Golden Rock - Kyaiktiyo - Below: Monks visiting the Golden Rock

P1100097 Monks at Kyaiktiyo

Above Left and Below: The Market in Kalaw

P1100291 Kalaw Market
P1100368 kalaw breakfast
P1100404 Trek Girl Sitting
P1100474 Girl Ngu in Shan
P1100515 Shan Girl
P1100703 Long Neck
P1100706 Sisters of Guitar Player
P1100397 Trek Children in Dry Country
P1100468 Ngu Girls
P1100503 Oxcart returning from field
P1100666 Working with silver
P1100675 Inle Lake Market
P1100694 Inle Lake Longneck

Long Neck Weaver at Inle Lake

P1100704 Guitar Player

Guitar Player and Sisters at Inle Lake


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