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Last Update:  28 November 2015

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P1090410 Monkey

The Zoo in Singapore is rated as the best zoo in the world and, after visiting it, I understand why. With the exception of really dangerous animals such as jaguars and lions, none of the animals are in traditional cages. When you enter the zoo, you walk into an area surrounded by a high fence. In reality, you are in a very large cage -- half a mile wide and a mile long -- together with the animals. So it was no surprise when a monkey appeared on a tree or the walkway right next to me - like these fellows. 

P1090513 Zoo Monkey

The ape on the left reminds me of Jimmy Durante.

P1090416 Zoo Monkey
P1090423 Zoo Monkey

High above my head, this monkey began to make laughing noises.

P1090425 Zoo Monkey
P1090440 Zoo rhino

Around the corner from the rhino, the colorful bird on the right appeared on the railing next to the path..

P1090445 Zoo zebra
P1090452 IMG_1683 Zoo giraffe
P1090471 Zoo jaguar
P1090465 Zoo lion

The elephants were the sort from India and had two bumps above their heads - unlike the African elephants, who only have one bump.

The elephants below were kissing when I took their picture..

P1090507 Zoo elephants kissing
P1090523 IMG_1694 kanga
P1090532 Zoo warthog
P1090431 Zoo orangutan

This rhinocerous made me a little nervous until I realized that there was a trough between him and me that would be difficult for either of us to cross. It was filled with plants, so at first, I thought he could just walk over to me.

P1090413 Zoo bird paradise

What would a zoo be like without zebras and giraffes?

P1090455 Zoo giraffe
P1090447 Zoo leopard

These leopards looked tame enough, but I wondered if they might be able to jump the small creek between us.

The jaguar was behind glass in a fenced-in area and to view the lions closely, you had to enter a small building and look out an opening. Still it made me nervous to be so close to them.

P1090462 Zoo lion
P1090499 Zoo elephants

What have we here? When I walked around a corner, a kangaroo was looking at me from under a tree.

P1090525 Zoo kanga

Like I said before, we are in the cage with the animals. My wife, Angela, enamoured by the tameness of the animals, decided to pet the kangaroos. And why not?

The ostrich below looked somewhat scraggly, but so what? He is free to run around the park as he pleases.

P1090529 Zoo ostrich

Last and least, the ugliest animal in the zoo, a warthog, appeared in a walled-in pen next to the pathway. I guess he could probably get nasty with that horn of his if he wanted to.

It was a great visit to a great zoo. If you ever get to Singapore, don’t leave out the zoo. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

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