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IMG_1728a IMG_1729 Yangon City IMG_1728b IMG_1814 Yangon City View

A big city is a big city, but Yangon is different. It stinks! The people there have no regard for cleanliness and throw their trash on the street - everywhere! Small alleyways are filled with plastic bags and containers that people got at the market or supermarket - which are few and far between. I’ll not show the stench, but rather move on to other areas away from Yangon, where life is more normal. By the way, in the picture on the left, you can see the Schwedagon Pagoda, a Buddhist sanctuary that I will show in more detail under Religion and Culture.

IMG_1822 Kalaw Market
IMG_1827 Kalaw Market duck eggs

The Market in Kalaw seems to be the center of activity where everyone goes to get their fresh vegetables, fruit and just about anything else they need - even duck eggs. Watermelons are a favorite and are sold everywhere.

P1090918 Road to Golden Rock Watermelons
P1090985 Road to Golden Rock Traffic

In every city, the traffic is dominated by mopeds and bicycles. Cars are expensive, so mostly only taxi drivers have them. Taxis are inexpensive - about 1/8 what they cost in Germany. 

P1090933 Road to Golden Rock Home on River
P1090962 Road to Golden Rock Typical Homes
P1100004 Road to Golden Rock Village

Some are more fortunate and have homes on dry land. Along the roads, you can often see people working in the rice fields.

P1100009 Burmese working in the Fields

Some sell baskets and other articles along the roadside.

P1100032 Sampan Village
P1100210 Kalaw Loaded Truck
P1100248 Kalaw Market
P1100276 Kalaw Market
P1100291 Kalaw Market
P1100142 Golden Rock Lady selling goods
P1100300 Kalaw hat

Here, my son is trying on a hat. In the trek that we have before us, this hat will be a very useful thing to have. As you can see, everyone is wearing such a hat while working in the fields.

P1100378 Trek
P1100388 Trek
P1100416 Trek oxen boxen
P1100429 Trek oxen
P1100436 Trek kitchen rambo
P1100482 Trek oxcart
P1100493 Kids threshing wheat
P1100525 Trek View
P1100528 Trek woman bathing child
P1100539 Trek oxcart
P2260140 Trek view
P2250048 Kitchen
P2250093 Gathering Firewood
P2260146 Trek
P2260171 Trek oxcart

Only a hundred miles to the west, life is entirely different. On the Bengali Bay, life is all about earning a living by fishing.

P1110208 Ngapali Fishing Village

Every morning at 6 a.m. the fisherman return from a night’s fishing and the people from the fishing village wait on the beach to receive the catch of fish from the night.

P1110041 Ngapali fishing ladies
P1110043 Ngapali fish catch
P1000281 Ngapali beach Chris

Only a stone’s throw away is the tourist beach. Unfortunately, although the tourist beach is kept very clean, the normal local beach of the fishing village looks terrible and the dogs pick through the garbage that the people have left lying around. .

P1110080 F Village Beach dogs
P1110058 oxcart

Oxen and pigs are valuable assets.

P2250053 Old Woman
P1090920 Road to Golden Rock City Street
P1090952 Road to Golden Rock Home on the River

How do the people in Burma live? As soon as you get out of the city, you find that most people live in grass or bamboo huts. These homes are in the Wetlands - east of Yangon. and are built on stilts on the water.

P1100003 Road to Golden Rock Home in Rice Fields
P1100025 House on Island
P1100016 Baskets for Sale
P1100038 Home Sweet Home

In the larger cities, you often see people taking their goods to market.

P1100242 Kalaw Market

Nearly everyone is either smoking a thin cigar or chewing beetle nut, which makes their teeth reddish brown.

P1100262 Kalaw Market
P1100275 Kalaw Market
P1100288 Kalaw Market
P1100119 Golden Rock Volleyball Kick

It is not unusual to see some of them playing volleyball, but they never touch the ball with their hands - only with their feet or their heads. 

P1100158 Golden Rock trad headwear
P1100371 Trek
P1100384 Trek
P1100407 Trek
P1100423 Trek field workers

Oxen are a very valuable animal. The farmer here allowed us to eat in his home. His wife and son also joined us.

P1100433 Trek mother and child

The kitchen and cook, Rambo, shows how the people there live. That’s right! An open wood fire is how they cook. In a house made of bamboo, the cook hasto be careful not to burn the house down.

P1100462 Trek Kids
P1100491 Kids threshing wheat

Child labor is common in Burma. The kids were threshing the wheat until they saw us hiking past. They took a short break to watch us walk by. Below another kitchen.

P1100519 Kitchen
P1100527 Woman bathing child
P1100536 Trek bridge
P2250037 Trek farmer
P2250086 Trek kids

Left: Gathering wood for the kitchen. Heating is not necessary, because these people live only a short distance north of the equator.

P2250103 Kids plastic bottles
P2260140 Trek view
P2260190 girls working in field
P1110031 Ngapali fishing baskets
P1110037 Ngapali fishing
P1110079 F Village Beach kids
P1110207 Ngapali Fishing Village Taxi Boat

A taxi boat takes the locals to their homes at the end of the day.

P1110092 Ngapali sunset
P1110051 Ngapali pig and fish carriers

The old woman on the left is a rare sight. Rarely did I see old people in Burma. Most die of Malaria, Denge fever or diahrrea at a much younger age.

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