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IMG_1840 Inle Fisherman

Fishermen of the Intha ethnic minority group, stand deftly on the sterns of flat wooden boats and use bamboo stakes to hit the surface of the water to attract fish. Approximately 2,000 Intha fishermen live around Inle Lake.

P2280578 Inle Lake fishing
P1100714 Inle fisherman
P2280533 Inle Lake egret

As youn can see, not only the fishermen fish on Lake Inle. This egret patiently waits for something to swim along.

P1100596 Inle canal
IMG_1864 Inle sampan
P1100767 Inle Lake boat
P1100720 Inle Lake
IMG_1863 Inle bamboo house
P1100584 Inle kids
IMG_1872 Temple

A form of beautification on Inle Lake are the rings that are placed around the necks of the young girls. As they get older, their necks are stretched until they are incredibly long, as you can see on the weaver below. By the way, my wife purchased the scarf that the lady below is weaving.

IMG_1877 Longneck Woman
P1100586 Inle homes
P1100604 Inle water buffalo

In a tributary to the lake, a water buffalo drinks and washes. To the right, a lady is doing the laundry in the same river.

P1100579 Inle ladies

Inle Lake, near Kalaw in northeastern Myanmar, is like no other place on earth. The average income of people living near the lake is about one dollar per day and many of them eke out an existence by farming on the floating gardens or by creating and trading numerous articles at the marketplace. It is the only place in the world where the marketplace is also on boats in the water - a floating market.

P2280516 Inle Lake fishing
IMG_1906 fishing

Men on the flat boats smack the water with their paddles hoping to attract the shoals of fish that swim in the lake.

P1100805 Inle Lake

Below, people are working in the floating gardens.

Floating Gardens - The land to the left and below is not really land at all, but rather floating plants on which fruit and vegetables are planted. The water here is only about 4 feet deep. The plants sit about 2 feet down into the water and below them is more water. The man below is showing us how he can bounce up and down on the floating turf.

IMG_1861 Inle floating garden tun tun

Below, these two ladies are on the way to the marketplace.

P1100583 Inle men
P1100779 Inle Lake boat ladies

The people use boats everywhere they go. Not only to cross the lake but to go from their homes, which are built on the water, to the marketplace, which is also on a small island on the lake. The homes they live in on Inle Lake are often single bamboo huts built on stilts.

P1100777 Inle Lake home
IMG_1868 Inle homes

When the parents aren’t using the boats, the kids play in them in the “quiet” canals of the city.

IMG_1870 Inle pagoda

Even in this city built on a lake, the Buddhist Religion is evident. There are at least 50 plots of land reserved for monasteries or temples around the lake.

IMG_1874 Long Neck Girl

Outside the weaver’s place, a man stands on his flat boat checking out the foundation of his home.

P1100662 Inle floating market

While the tourists are paddled down the river, ladies in flatboats hook onto the tourist boats and sell them their goods. Behind the lady with the umbrella, a merchant sells goods to a young man.

P1100562 washing river
P1100609 Inle sunset

Sunset on Inle Lake

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