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P1100911 Bagan vista

In the ancient city of Bagan over 4000 temples were built.

IMG_1974 Bagan vista
IMG_1942 Bagan temple
IMG_1975 Bagan vista
IMG_1970 Bagan sheep
IMG_1923 Bagan Angela
IMG_1967 Bagan temple IMG_1947 Bagan Chris
P1100854 Bagan temple P1100855 Bagan sentra
P1100858 Bagan buddha
P1100902 Bagan pagodas P1100912 Bagan vista
P2250126 monks in monastery
P1000217 Bagan musician
P1100841 Bagan Temple
100_1014 Bagan pig
IMG_1934 Bagan monks
P1100521 Monk blessing us
P1090976 Tall Temple
P1090663 Burmese National Cultures Park
P1090698 Burmese National Cultures Park Sampan

‘The Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon  (Rangoon)

P1090790 P1090813 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090795 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090807 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090881 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda

The Golden Rock

P1110077 Ngapali Buddah
P1000216 Bagan musician
P1100825 Bagan Tempel
P1100842 Bagan Temple
IMG_1729d P1000172 Yangon chickens for sale
100_0994 Bagan
P2260131 monks
P1090972 Road to Golden Rock Buddhist Temple
P1090663 Burmese National Cultures Park - Ladies
P1090695 Burmese National Cultures Park
P1090702 Burmese National Cultures Park
P1090791 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090806 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090825 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090809 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1090890 Yangon Schwedagon Pagoda
P1100090 Golden Rock sunset
P1100097 Monks at Kyaiktiyo
P1100109 Golden Rock
P1100318 Kalaw

Continue to Inle Lake

P1100092 Golden Rock placing gold on rock
P1100317 Kalaw
P1100320 Kalaw black buddha
P1100322 Kalaw koko tea black buddha
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