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P1000016 Airport Singapore

Singapore International Airport

P1000068 Singapore City Scape

Singapore Parliament Building

P1000085 Singapore Museum Bridge

Cavenaugh Bridge to Asian Civilisations Museum

P1000087 Singapore Ship Hotel

Marina Bay Hotel - $20 to take the Elevator to the Top

P1000059 Singapore Jesus

St. Andrews Catholic Church

P1000054 Singapore Chinese Parliament

Chinese Chamber of Commerce just around the Corner from Our Hotel

P1000063 Singapore Spice Shop

Spice Shop

P1000083 Singapore Sidewalk Figures

Sidewalk Decorations

P1090250 Angela in Singapore

My Wife, Angela, in Singapore

P1090261 Angela in Singapore Harbor

My Wife, Angela, in Marina Bay

P1090267 Singapore Financial District

Don in Marina Bay - City Center and Financial District in Background

P1090282 Singapore Riverwalk

Singapore Riverwalk

P1090276 Riverside Port

Riverside Port on the Singapore River
Over 100 years ago, all imports entered Singapore here.

P1090281 Garden in Corner of Skyscraper

Garden in Skyscraper nest to Singapore Riverwalk

P1090285 Chinese Merchant and Coolie

Sidewalk Sculptures on the Singapore River
A Chinese Merchant and Coolie

P1090287 Riverwalk Sculpture Oxen
P1090292 Univ Studen on Mobile Phone

Filling Time

P1090293 Moslem meets Student

Hey, can I have your mobile phone number?

P1090306 Mustafa Centre

Looking into the Basement from the 2nd Floor - Electronics, Clothes are there, but also GOLD

P1090300 Merchant in Mustafa Center

Gold Merchant in the Mustafa Center

P1090304 Marcus Angela Don Mustafa Supermarket

Buying Dragon Fruit in the Mustafa Center

First stop on the way to Burma is Singapore.

On the left are my wife, Angela, and my oldest son, Marcus, very tired after the 12-hour flight to Singapore. Below are photographs from our three days in Singapore.

We visited Burma because my son, Christian, teaches English there.

P1000033 Singapore Hotel

Excelsior Hotel and Shopping Center

P1000077 Singapore City Scape

Businessmen and Students next to Financial District on the Singapore River

P1000086 Singapore Sidewalk Figures

Sidewalk Sculptures - Cats on the Bridge

P1000080 Singapore City Scape

Cavenaugh Bridge between Asian Civilisations Museum and Downtown Singapore

P1000058 Singapore Jesus

Jesus is on the Rise in Singapore

P1000062 Singapore Optical Shop

Optical Shop - Glasses Anyone?

P1000078 Singapore City Scape

Riverboat Ride

P1000088 Singapore City Scape

Convention Center

P1090258 Don on Cavenaugh Bridge

Don on the Cavenaugh Bridge


Footbridge from the Asian Civilisations Museum to the Financial District - a True Feat of Technical Engineering

P1090257 Cavenaugh Bridge
P1090265 Building Structure in Singapore Harbor

Structure in Marina Bay - Note the People Walking on the Top

P1090270 Singapore Riverwalk

Singapore Riverwalk

P1090272 Old meets New Singapore Riverwalk

Old meets New on the Singapore Riverwalk

P1090277 Riverside Port

Riverside Port and Tower on the Singapore River

P1090284 Riverwalk Sculpture

Sidewalk Sculptures on the Singapore River

P1090286 Riverwalk Sculpture Scotsman

Scottish Businessman in Singapore

P1090288 Riverwalk Sculpture Coolies

Asian Laborers Loading the Cart

P1090289 Riverwalk Marcus on Computer

What does one do when they’re waiting? The same thing as everywhere else in the world. Find a shady spot and work on the computer. My Son, Marcus, did exactly that next to the Singapore buisness district while Angela and I went for a boat ride!

With construction completed just two months ago in December 2010, the Mustafa Shopping Center in Singapore’s Little India is a big hit!

P1090298 Mustafa Indian Shopping Centre

Mustafa Indian Shopping Center in Singapore’s Little India

P1090299 Gold Bracelets in Mustafa Center

Not only can you buy gold articles here, like these bracelets, but also necklaces, rings, and even Krugerands and Gold coins from all over the world.

P1090305 Buying groceries at Mustafa Centre

Time to Pay

P1090310 Little India Fast Food

You can tell we are getting hungry, so we need to find a good place to eat fast.

P1090315 Fast Food in Little India

This fast food place is empty except for a few men from India

P1090330 Indian Fast Food Little India

This restaurant is also empty and with no air conditioning at 85 degrees (33 C)

IMG_1667 Marcus Little India

This restaurant looks popular, but still no air conditioning

P1090316 Newsrack

We finally found a place to eat - with air conditioning.
Oh Man! Where am I gonna put all that food?

P1090317 Newsrack 2

Maybe you would like to read something? Hmmm.. Can’t read that.

P1090318 Street Corner Little India

Can’t read that either. I feel so incredibly illiterate here!!!! .

Time for a walk in the neighborhood! Looks to me like a female monk! Or... in Little India - a ... uh ... got me!

P1090319 Female Monk
P1090320 Typical Street Corner in Little India Singapore
P1090321 Little India Shantoucun Association

Typical Street Corner Off the Main Drag.

P1090322 Onion Vendor

Shantoucun Association - Your Guess is as Good as Mine

P1090325 Cubby Hole Shop with Everything and Nothing

This onion dealer has the right idea! Take your shoes off in this heat! You can’t smell anyone’s feet around all those onions!!

P1090326 Side Street in Little India

Cubbyhole Shop with Everything and Nothing

P1090327 Going to Market on a Bike

This lady is going to market on a bicycle.

Her Neighborhood in Little India

P1090329 Street Taylor Shop

Street Taylor in Little India


Hindu God - Aslan on the Right

P1090339 Schoolgirls in Little India

School Girls in Uniform - Normal in Asia


Sri Veeramakaliamman Hindu Temple


Hindu God Attempting to Ride Aslan (Ask me who Aslan is - I dare you!)

P1090342 Little India

Heading back to the Hotel - I’ve seen enough for one day!


P1090376 Marina Bay Hotel at Night

Symbol of Singapore - The Marina Bay Hotel

P1090357 Starbucks

Let’s start where I created this part of my Website - Starbucks - Free Internet Connection and the Coffee is Great!!!!

Nico helped me get into the Internet. Somehow, my computer just didn’t want to get started. Nico said, “No problem - I can fix that! 
And he did!

P1090355 Nico
P1090356 Dan Chocolate Chip Frappé

When I walked up to the counter to order something, it was getting late at night. Dan (above) said, Why don’t you try a Chocolate Chip Frappuccino?” Great Choice. Dan really draws the customers in. His smile reaches from one end of Singapore to the other! Great place to relax and catch up on my e-mails.

P1090360 Our Hotel

Our Hotel - The Peninsula Excelsior

Yes, of course I know you can’t see it but it’s there anyway!

P1090367 M Lynch Bull
P1090366 Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch Symboized - Always a Bull Market!

P1090362 Esplanade

The Esplanade - Cultural Arts Center, Shopping Mall, Casino

P1090375 Year of the Rabbit

2011 - The Year of the Rabbit

P1090390 Bridge across Marina Bay

Bridge across Marina Bay

P1090395 Marina Bay Hotel with Red Bridge
P1090559 Ferris Wheel Moonscape
P1090564 Marina Bay Hotel with Walkway
P1090382 Fullerton 428 Dollars per Night

The Fullerton Hotel - Only 428 Dollars per Night

P1090388 Singapore at Night

Downtown Financial District

P1090396 Marina Bay Hotel Blue Bridge

Blue Bridge - Red Bridge

P1090557 Footbridge to Marina Bay Hotel
P1090561 Downtown Singapore across Marina Bay
P1090565 Esplanade at Night

Esplanade at Night

P1090569 Marina Bay Mall
P1090570 Marina Bay Mall

Marina Bay Shopping Mall

P1090572 Elevator Shadow
P1090593 Alien Man Beamed Down
P1090603 Marina Bay Entrance
P1090596 Angela Dreaming of Plumeria Trees
P1090577 Esplanade City Scape
P1090585 City Fountain
P1090578 Misty Walkway
P1090597 Ferris Wheel and Lotus Petal

Let’s go to the the most famous Zoo in the world - the Singapore Zoo!

Marina Bay at Night

P1090595 Marina Bay at Night

Next Stop - BURMA

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