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Arrival and Our Apartment in Windhoek

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

The City of Windhoek

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

Vreugde Farm

Okapuka Ranch

Etosha National Park

Namibia by Air

Etosha National Park

156p IMG_0199 etosha entrance

You have to leave the park by sundown and are not allowed to drive in it after dark - unless, of course, you are staying in one of the lodges or hotels inside.

156o P1260329 Hemba

This naked Hemba tribe family was sitting outside the entrance selling their handicrafts to tourists.

This park is not really what I would call a park. It is a fenced in game reserve that is more than 200 kilometers long and 100 kilometers wide. There are many roads in it and also small towns and enclaves. There are warning signs to never leave your car because there are lions and other dangerous animals roaming about here.

156o IMG_0200 Angela etosha entrance
156r P1260327 map
157 P1260337 warthog


157 P1260349 springbok 2
157 P1260365
157aa P1260370 elephant

This bull elephant frightened me when
he appeared beside the road.

157b P1260372
159f P1260397
162m P1260414

Gnu Near a Watering Hole

163i P1260421
165 IMG_0244 toucan

On the left, you can see about 1/8 of the park We visited about half of that and took all day to see it.

157 P1260333 springbok

Springbok at the First Waterhole

157 P1260343 springbok young kudu

Springbok with 2 young Kudus behind it

157 P1260358

The Young Springbok like to play
by locking their horns together.

157a P1260680 elephant sign

Typical Roadsign

157b IMG_0211
159b P1260393

There were ostriches running around everywhere.

173b P1260487

The ostrich feels right at home here
and in the middle of the desert.

161 P1260403  paradise crane

Paradise Cranes Having Lunch

163b IMG_0236

The oryx is the national animal of Namibia

163m IMG_0241

Toucans can be very noisy.

166l P1260444
166g IMG_0246

Thirsty Elephants

169g P1260458
166n P1260445

The Bull  Elephant is in Charge

170 IMG_0266

My Ear Itches

169o IMG_0262

The Bull Elephant decides to take a walk.

170 P1260470
170a IMG_0264

Taking a Lunch Break at a Nearby Town

170 P1260472

A Twisted Tree

170c CIMG2659
170c CIMG2661

Pool in the Middle of the Desert

170c CIMG2660

Elephant - 1 Kilometer from the Top of the Tower

172a P1260478

My Better Half - Angela -
at the Top of the Rapunzel Tower

170c IMG_0267

Springbok - Escaping the Heat in the Desert

174b P1260492
172d IMG_0271

Zebras are the most playful animals we saw in Namibia

174d P1260494

Springbok - Escaping the Heat in the Desert

174e P1260495
174i P1260496
176b P1260507
175c P1260504

The Gnu on the left isn’t very tasty, but the zebra is easy prey for lions in this area. The next thing we saw after seeing this zebra standing alone in lion territory were the vultures circling overhead.

177a P1260508 vultures
177j P1260522
177n P1260529

The Vulture is an ugly bird that only feasts on the dead.

177b P1260512

These were eating a zebra that had been killed by a lion.

177e P1260515

Then, the jackals came and held the vultures at bay.

179 P1260537

The jackal on the left came was waiting for a lion to kill something else. So where is the lion? Well hidden.

181a P1260548 LION
180e P1260546

The lion was watching this oryx on the left very closely. When the oryx spotted the lion, he turned around and went the other way.

182d P1260556
183a P1260560
178b P1260536

These zebras approached and also turned tail.

183j P1260566

This bird sat next to our car watching everything.

184i IMG_0313

This gnu looks like a buffalo against the Etosha pan.

184k P1260597

It was getting dark when this giraffe showed up beside the road only a few feet away.

185a P1260599

We had to leave Etosha by sunset, so this elephant is highlighted in red as we were driving away.

186g P1260609

Also, a herd of zebras were grazing in the sunset.

The next morning we left to drive to Swakopmund on the Atlantic Ocean.

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