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Last Update:  27 May 2015

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Arrival and Our Apartment in Windhoek

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

The City of Windhoek

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

Vreugde Farm

Okapuka Ranch

Etosha National Park

Namibia by Air

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

188b P1260618
188e P1260620
188n P1260639
190e P1260664

This vehicle is more suited for the highway here.

190j P1260672

The local supermarket had everything the people need and want - especially their favorite drink - booze.

190s P1260695

And in the middle of the desert, Grandma’s Restaurant.

192c P1260704

Selling Interesting Rocks

192d P1260705

Miles and Miles of Nothing

193d IMG_0330

How refreshing after the hot desert!

193j P1260721

Radical Improvement in the Homes!

193n P1260724

Golf Course on the Edge of the Desert!

194d P1260732

Desert to the East, Ocean on the West!

195a P1260733 Swakopmund

Instant Civilization!

195b  P1260735 Lighthouse
195c P1260740 Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a great place to eat.

196g IMG_0338

Kerstin helped to arrange the flowers and knick knacks.

196h IMG_0339

Kerstin and Angela’s Favorite Window

197b P1260743 dunes

Sand Dunes just South of Town

197e P1260746
203a IMG_0350 Crystal Museum

Crystal Museum

203c IMG_0352 Crystal Museum
204b CIMG2667 SM Beach
204f IMG_0354 SM Beach
204m IMG_0360 SM Beach
204jb IMG_1128
204r IMG_0367 Jetty Don

Don - Meeting New Friends

205 IMG_0372 jetty

The Jetty at Sunset

205k CIMG2679 Jetty Sunset
205o CIMG2684 Railroad

Riding in the Desert is No Picnic

206d IMG_0383

I found Angela in town under these palm trees.

206o IMG_0392
210d DSC00040

How about a mosquito-proof sofa?

There was no asphalt on the road from Etosha Park to the Atlantic ocean and very few fences. After about 30 minutes on the road, this oryx appeared before us on the highway.

188c P1260619

As he galloped away like a horse, more appeared.

188i P1260632

This modern highway on the left continued for 300 miles to the sea.

189 P1260640 paradise bird

What is it? A bird of paradise, of course!

190g P1260670

Not my dream home, but the people here were happy.

190k P1260675

Another modern housing project - I prefer the tents.

192a P1260700 home
191 P1260699 sunday clothes

On the way to church in Sunday clothing.

193a P1260715 Henties Bay

Suddenly the ocean appeared.

193e IMG_0331

Yours Truly with Angela!

193k P1260722

Humble Abode!

194a P1260727

Each home had its own water tower!

194e CIMG2695 Welcome to SM
202c IMG_0348

Streets and Buildings Like in Germany

202a P1260808 Swakopmund
196a IMG_0332 Meikes

Our Hotel - Meike’s Guesthouse

196e IMG_0336
196d IMG_0335

Breakfast - just like at home

197a P1260741 camels

Camels on the Roadside

197d P1260745
202b P1260809
203b IMG_0351 Crystal Museum
204a CIMG2666 SM Beach

Meanwhile, Down at the Beach

204d CIMG2671 SM Beach

The Old Brewery

204h IMG_0356 SM Beach
204ja IMG_1127 Seaweed Angela

Angela Gathering Souvenirs

204k IMG_0359 SM Beach
204s IMG_0370 Jetty Kerstin Angela
205g CIMG2675 Jetty Sunset
205p CIMG2691 Don Bike Desert

The Next Day - Don Rents a Bicycle

205q CIMG2694 Dunes

I found a geocache here, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that riding a bicycle in the hot desert is no fun.

206h IMG_0387

And then joined her for a sandwich and some cold water.

206q IMG_0394

She enjoyed shopping for some new Safari clothes.

About 45 Minutes to the south is

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

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