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Last Update:  28 May 2015

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Arrival and Our Apartment in Windhoek

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

The City of Windhoek

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

Vreugde Farm

Okapuka Ranch

Etosha National Park

Namibia by Air

Namibia by Air

237b P1270238 Cessna 182 our Pilot

Our Pilot - Martin Funck

230g P1270026 Power Telescopes

One of 3 such telescope arrays in the world
These look beyond our galaxy!

230n P1270033 Namibia
230u P1270040 Namibia Air

Following the Dry River

230w P1270042 Namibia Air

Forever Nothing

231c P1270050 Namibia Air

Black Hills in the Desert

231kb CIMG2719 Namibia Air

Red Sand Dunes

231o P1270077 Namibia Dunes
231t P1270090 Namibia Diamond Camp

Abandoned Diamond Mining Camp

231w P1270098 Namibia Shipwreck
232b P1270101 Namibia Fishing ships

Fishing Boats

232h P1270117 Namibia Robben

Hundreds of Sea Lions

232l P1270132 Namibia Research Center
233d P1270146 Namibia Canyon
233j P1270160 Namibia Canyon

Then we landed at this airport for lunch.

236b P1270229 Rostock International Airport

We drove 30 minutes through the desert to be greeted by these little creatures.

234a P1270175 Erdmännchen Suricate
234g P1270188 Erdmännchen Suricate
234n P1270196 Erdmännchen Suricate

In German, they are called Erdmännchen (Little Earth Man) - in English, a suricate.

234y P1270214 Erdmännchen Suricate
235d P1270224 Erdmännchen Suricate
236c P1270230 Namibia Desert

No one know what causes these circles.

236e P1270234 Namibia Mountains
237c P1270240 Cessna 182 Proud Pilot
230b P1270018 Takeof
230c P1270020 Windhoek

Heading West out of Windhoek

230k P1270030 Namibia

Rugged Terrain

230r P1270037 Namibia Air

Highway in the Desert

230v P1270041 Namibia Air

Ranch in the Desert

230x P1270044 Namibia Air

A Few Green Trees on a Plateau

231e P1270057 Namibia Air

Ranch in the Desert

231nb CIMG2724 Namibia Air
231q P1270081 Namibia Dunes
231v P1270097 Namibia Shipwreck

Shipwreck in the Desert

231x P1270099 Namibia Shipwreck
232e P1270108 Namibia Coast
232f P1270109 Namibia Coast

Then the Fog Rolled In

232k P1270130 Namibia River

Research Center in the Desert

232o P1270136 Namibia River

Following a Dry River

233h P1270151 Namibia Canyon

The River Becomes a Canyon

236a P1270226 Rostock International Airport
233o P1270168 Namibia Rostock
234f P1270187 Erdmännchen Suricate
234i P1270190 Erdmännchen Suricate
234s P1270205 Erdmännchen Suricate
235b P1270218 Erdmännchen Suricate
235d P1270225 Erdmännchen Suricate

I thought they were cute.

236d P1270232 Namibia Gamsberg

Gamsberg - Flat-topped Mountain

236f P1270236 Namibia Mountains

Heading Back Home

Our Pilot - Safe Home Again after 4 1/2 hours in the air over Namibia!


Thanks Martin

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