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Last Update:  28 May 2015

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Arrival and Our Apartment in Windhoek

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

The City of Windhoek

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

Vreugde Farm

Okapuka Ranch

Etosha National Park

Namibia by Air

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

198b P1260750
198a P1260749 Walvis Bay

Plopped in the Desert, these new homes line the highway into Walvis Bay.

198c P1260752

The local people, who work on the docks, live in smaller homes - all looking alike.

The bay itself, is quite lovely.

199b IMG_0347
199f P1260765
199h P1260768
199k P1260772

Kerstin Enjoying the View

199v P1260786
201a P1260799 tower boat

Out in the Harbor, Boat with an Oil Rig?

201c P1260801
209e IMG_0414

Angela Outside the Anchors Restaurant -
A Great Place to Dine

Continue to the Okapuka Ranch

199a P1260761 Bay
199e IMG_0341
199c P1260763
199g P1260766

Whale Bones

199m P1260774

Behind this Rhino Car are Tourist Stands

199u P1260785
199z P1260791

Angela, Holding a Giraffe we Purchased

201b P1260800 container ship

Very Large Container Ship

209b IMG_0411
209n CIMG2699
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