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Last Update:  28 May 2015

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Arrival and Our Apartment in Windhoek

Swakopmund on the Atlantic Coast

The City of Windhoek

Walvis (whale fish) Bay

Vreugde Farm

Okapuka Ranch

Etosha National Park

Namibia by Air

Okapuka Ranch

219a P1260908 Okapuka Lodge

The restaurant at the ranch itself is quite rustic.

219c P1260910 Okapuka Lodge
219g IMG_0443 Okapuka Lodge

Yours Truly ready to go on a safari.

219d P1260911 Okapuka Lodge
219p IMG_0450 Okapuka Lodge

I’ll have the Rhino-Burger please!

220g IMG_0456 Crocodile head

According to our jeep driver, the crocodiles pretend to be asleep until you get near them.

220i P1260936 Drying wings

Goose drying its wings - I thought only cormorants did that!

220o P1260944 Water Buck whoopie

Horny Waterbuck

221a P1260947 Impala


222g P1260960 dodo bird

Strange Bird

222q P1260968 Sable Zobel

Old Sable - Note the curvature of the horns.

223m P1260982 Giraffe
224e IMG_0478 warthogs

The male has 4 warts - the female 2.

225e P1260996 Rhino

Usually they just lie there.

225m P1270001 Rhino
226b P1270007 guinea fowl Perlhuhn

Guinea Fowl (Perlhuhn) are everywhere.

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Welcome to the Okapuka Ranch

As soon as we opened this huge door, we knew it would be something special. This ranch, about 30 minutes north of Windhoek, is a guest farm which has many acres of land with many wild animals living on it.

219b P1260909 Okapuka Lodge
219ea CIMG2711 Okapuka rock shandy

Angela, Enjoying a Rock Shandy

219i P1260915 Okapuka Lodge
220b IMG_0451 Crocodile

I prefer the Don-Burger!

220e IMG_0454 Crocodile

We were sandwiched between these 2 crocs!

220h P1260934 Birds
220k P1260941 Water Buck


222b P1260952 Waterbuck
221c IMG_0460 Impala

Impalas Grazing

222n IMG_0465 Sable Zobel

Sables - Valuable Antelope

223c P1260974 Giraffe
224c P1260989 warthogs

Wart Hog

225 P1260997 Rhino

Angela spotted the Rhinocerous first.

225j P1260998 Rhino

But when they stood up, our driver became very nervous and put her hand on the key - ready to start up and take off.

228a IMG_0494 Cows on Federal highway

On the way back home, these cattle were walking across the main highway heading back into Windhoek.

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