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Last Update:   6 August 2013

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Romania 2013

Cosmin’s Home in Tecuci, Romania

Friends in Bucharest

Transylvania with Dan Daniel

Christian - My Son - in Bucharest

Modavian Monasteries

Tecuci - Cosmin’s Home

IMG_2878 On the way to Tecuci

House with Elaborate Well

P1210103 Tecuci Ana

Ana - Cosmin’s Girlfriend

P1210107 Tecuci

Laici - Giving the Thumbs UP to the Flavor of the Soup

P1210116 Tecuci

Bogdan - Philosophizing after the Meal

P1210125 Tecuci

Chris - Early the Next Morning - Click the Picture

P1210131 Tecuci Goodbye

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

P1210136 Tecuci Park

Park in Tecuci

P1210137 Tecuci Park
P1210142 Tecuci Park
P1210145 Tecuci Park
P1210152 Police

On the Way Out of Town - Police Watch at an Intersection

P1210104 Tecuci Cosmin

Cosmin - blind, but with a lot of talents. Click the picture. Cosmin works as a masseur in Bucharest. Durinjg the entire cycling tour, he showed us his humor and ability to sense things that we could not recognize - like being able to keep accurate score in pingpong without being able to see the players. He provided the power for the tandem bicycle with his girlfriend at the steering wheel. At the end of the tour, on the way back to Bucharest, he invited us to stay overnight at his home in Tecuci.

On the way to Tecuci, I spotted this house with a green fence and an elaborate well with a wagon wheel used to draw water.

P1210102 Tecuci Laici Florin

Laici with Grillmaster Florin - Cosmin’s Father

P1210106 Tecuci

Cosmin and Laici - Getting Hungry

P1210111 Tecuci Ana

Ana - Always Wearing a Lovely Smile

P1210119 Tecuci

Cosmin with His Dog
Click the Picture

P1210127 Tecuci Goodbye

Cosmin’s Parents with Chris

P1210135 Tecuci

Church in Tecuci

P1210138 Tecuci Park
P1210143 Tecuci Park
P1210149 Tecuci Park

What do lovers do in the park?

P1210154 fly

One Last Look at Romania from the Plane

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