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Sicily 2012

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CIMG0334 Camp Pozzallo

Sun, send your light into my heart.
Wind, blow away my sorrows and complaints!
I know of no deeper joy on earth
than to be traveling in the great outdoors

                       …Hermann Hesse

Only those who have experienced the freedom that comes with being in nature with no deadlines, no suits and ties, no expectations and no smell of the city can truly understand what Hesse is talking about in his poem.

This trip to Sicily was a much-needed time away from “reality” as we know it. The campsite on the left was not far from Pozzallo on the southern coast of Sicily in a parking lot near a museum that is empty during the winter months. Behind a wall near a minor highway, I stopped to look at the ocean and listen to the waves crashing against the shore. It was early in the day - around 3:30 p.m. - when I stopped here, but I was so fascinated by the view that I decided to relax here for a while and have a bite to eat. At 4:30, I realized it would be getting dark in about an hour and decided to stay the night. I’m glad I did as you can see by the photographs I was able to make.

This trip began in Catania where I landed after taking off from the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. It takes about an hour to perpare the bicycle for riding after landing on the plane. The one foldable cloth suitcase that I use is large enough to contain everything I take on a bike trip. The black tent bag with sleeping bag and pillow is a separate piece of luggage. My hand baggage is my electronics pannier and handlebar bag which contain my valuables.

CIMG0340 Camp Pozzallo

An hour after landing, I was on the way south from the airport in Catania. I was surprised at how the people greeted me - waving and shouting as though they had never seen a person who was touring on a bicycle. Perhaps it was true. But when they saw my bicycle with six flags on it, one for each language that I can communicate in, they would stop and look and say something like, “Bravo!” or “Salve” or “Ola!” And when I stopped, they would always ask the question: “Da dove vieni?” (Where are you coming from?)

CIMG0276 Castle

Like in Germany, there were many castles, but they were smaller and most were empty like the one above which I discovered on the way south from Catania.

Wild dogs visited me during the evening at my first “free” campsite (below). Was I afraid? Never do I fear wild animals (only the human ones). At first, they were growling, but by the time they left, they were wagging their tails. Sometimes, I carry dog treats in my pocket, but at first, I always have my pepper spray ready - just in case.

CIMG0291 Camp Silo

Camp Silo an Abandoned Farm - Karst Landscape

CIMG0283 Camp Silo Sky
CIMG0293 Oranges Avola

The Oranges are Ripe and Sweet in January

CIMG0300 Camp Avola

Camp Avola - Lots of Sunshine

CIMG0313 Avola1

Avola (as in Nero d’Avola)
Note the Domes of the Mini-Chapels in the Church

CIMG0316 Noto

Noto - City on a Hill

CIMG0326 Pozzallo

Pozzallo - Great Vacation Spot

CIMG0327 Pozzallo


Also, I owe thanks to Fabio, the “Magician”, who allowed me to use the Internet in his hotel and who offered me something to drink and a wonderful buffet for lunch.

CIMG0329 Greenhouse near Pozallo

Vegetables Grow all Year Round in Sicily

CIMG0345 Spikes

I have “flatless” Schwalber tires on my bike, but these thorns were 4 to 6 inches long. No tire is safe from these babies. I made a wide berth around bushes like this one.

CIMG0346 Castello di Falconara

The Castle at Falconara

CIMG0351 Due Rocche

Spiaggia Due Rocche (Two Rocks Beach)

CIMG0339 Camp Pozzallo
CIMG0274 Etna Catania

Coast South of Catania with Mt. Etna

In Greek Mythology, the deadly monster Typhon was trapped under this mountain by Zeus, the god of the sky, and the forges of Hephaestus were said to also be located underneath it.

CIMG0280 Camp Silo

The Silo at Camp Silo near Augusta

CIMG0279 Iris

A Treat at Camp Silo - Wild Iris Flowers around my Tent

CIMG0294 Siracusa - Avola

A Friend told me “Sicily is Flat”

CIMG0296 Camp Avola

Campsite North of Avola

CIMG0302 Castle Avola

Castle North of Avola

CIMG0315 Avola

Cathedral in Avola

CIMG0319 Pozzallo

Pozzallo - Fishing Town with Nice Beach

CIMG0324 Pozzallo

Many thanks to Eugenio, the Policeman, and Giorgio, his friend, who gave me several good suggestions. I was stopped in this friendly town several times, because people wanted to make photographs of the person who was “Cycle Touring” with luggage on his bicycle.

CIMG0320 Pozzallo

Free Campsite near Pozzallo


Wine Needs More Warmth - The Vines are Empty

CIMG0349 Castello di Falconara


CIMG0350 Castello Due Rocche

Falconara Beach

Next Stop - Agrigento - an Ancient Greek City

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