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Northwest Coast of Spain

Last Update: 27 December 2010

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A hundred kilometers to the north lies a deserted region of Spain where Spanish is spoken only with tourists. Instead, the residents of that region speak Galician and enjoy a delicious menu of seafood Galician style. The relaxed lifestyle of the gentle people that live in this region was so alluring that I promised myself I would return again someday.

High above the clouds, on the mountain of Santa Tegra, is the Convent of Santa Barbara -- a holy place that overlooks the river that flows along the border between Portugal and Spain.

This mountain in Galicia conserves the reconstructed dwellings of the “citania”, a pre-Roman village that once guarded the coastal region near Baronia.

Sculpted figure near the city of Coruna.

While riding the bicycle along the ocean, I saw a crevice in the cliff ahead. I left the bicycle behind to investigate and discovered a natural wonder....

Grain bin with a cross at each end under the protection of “Dios”.

Lighthouse in Veveira - Foz


Growing wild in the fields.

A Beach without an Ocean !

As if by magic, the surf lapped against the miniature shoreline.

Natural Wonder in Asturia

Further up the coast in France on the way back home.
I stopped here to listen to a cuckoo bird.

Beach at Messanges

Last Rays

Only a

 “...fool says in his heart...

...there is no God."
Ps 14.1


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