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6 - Budapest, Hungary

0591 P1110787 Budapest Parliament


Possibly the Most Beautiful City in the World

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Many of my friends have suggested that I should visit Budapest. Finally, the opportunity sent me to this most beautiful city in Europe - possibly the most beautiful city in the world.

Just one look at the parliament building on the left gives you a clue as to the incredible architectural feat that went into building this city.

The Hungarians themselves, were very friendly and helpful everywhere we went. They still enjoy continuing the tradition of folkdancing and Friday and Saturday nights, there is partying in the streets throughout the entire city.

The Parliament Building in Budapest

0596 P1110789 Budapest
0587 P1110783 Budapest
0597 P1110790 Budapest
0604 S7302501 Budapest
0607 P1110796 Budapest
0610 P1110799 Budapest
0612 P1110801 Budapest
0615 P1110804 Budapest Arany

János Arany March 2, 1817— October 22, 1882), was a Hungarian journalist, writer, poet, and translator. He is often said to be the "Shakespeare of ballads" – he wrote more than 40 ballads which have been translated into over 50 languages, as well as the Toldi trilogy, to mention his most famous works.

0622 P1110811 Budapest
0652 P1110846 Budapest Folksdance
0583 S7302488 Budapest
0599 P1110793 Budapest
0606 P1110795 Budapest
0608 P1110797 Budapest

Hungarian National Museum

0611 P1110800 Budapest
0613 P1110802 Budapest
0616 P1110805 Budapest St. Stephens

Saint Stephen’s Cathedral

0625 P1110815 Budapest 0629 P1110819 BudapestStSt 0630 P1110820 Budapeststst
0635 P1110823 Budapest
0639 P1110830 Bldg hinter Parliament
0636 P1110824 Budapest
0654 P1110847 Budapest
0658 P1110849 Budapest
0661 P1110852 Budapest
P1110858 Fisherman's Cathedral Budapest
0680 P1110868 Budapest Fischerbastei
0690 P1110878 Budapest Fischerbastei
0693 P1110881 Budapest Fischerbastei
0686 P1110874 Budapest View from Fischerbastei
0674 P1110862 Budapest View from Fischerbastei
0683 P1110871 Budapest Fischerbastei
0695 P1110883 Budapest Fischerbastei
0699 P1110887 Budapest Fischerbastei
0700 P1110888 Budapest Fischerbastei
0702 P1110890 Budapest Lady of Hungary

The Statue of Freedom in Budapest is on Gellert Mountain in front of the citadel. It was constructed in 1947 in honor of the soldiers, who freed the country during WWII. It was erected in a location where it can be seen from nearly everywhere in Budapest. It is in the form of a lady with a palm branch lifted to the sky.

Die Freiheitsstatue von Budapest befindet sich auf dem Gellertberg vor der Zitadelle im Stadtteil Buda. Sie wurde 1947 zu Ehren der Soldaten, die das Land im Zweiten Weltkrieg befreiten, errichtet. Sie wurde so errichtet, dass sie von fast jedem Ort in Budapest zu sehen ist. Dargestellt wird eine Frauengestalt, welche einen Palmenwedel in den Himmel streckt.

0706 P1110895 Budapest Church

Church in Budapest

0709 P1110897 Rudi in Budapest

Some guys have all the luck!

0637 P1110825 Budapest Comedy Theater

Comedy Theater

0643 P1110838 Budapest Buena Vista

Good Mexican Restaurant in Budapest

0644 P1110834 Budapest Buena Vista

Lady in Red

0647 P1110844 Budapest Buena Vista

I would swear I’ve seen the
bald guy somewhere before.

0657 P1110848 Budapest
0660 P1110851 Budapest
0670 P1110861 Budapest Fischerbastei

Fisherman’s Bastion (Fischerbastei)

The Halászbástya is a terrace in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style situated on the Buda bank of the Danube, on the Castle hill in Budapest, around Matthias Church. It was designed and built between 1895 and 1902.

0681 P1110869 Budapest Fischerbastei
0694 P1110882 Budapest Fischerbastei
0673 S7302514 Budapest Fischerbastei
0687 P1110875 Budapest view from Fischerbastei
0684 P1110872 Budapest Fischerbastei
0689 P1110877 Budapest Fischerbastei
0698 P1110886 Budapest Fischerbastei
0701 P1110889 Budapest Park
0703 P1110892 Budapest
0704 P1110893 Budapest
0711 S7302516 Budapest Girls from Denmark

“See you later Rudi, I’m going out on the town!”

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