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16 The Black Sea Coast

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The only way to leave Saint George was by boat, unless I returned the same way I came in from the north, and that was the bumpiest, most uncomfortable road I had ever ridden a bicycle on. So, off I headed the next morning with the first passenger ship of the day in the direction of Tulcea.

Die einzige Möglichkeit Sankt Georgen zu verlassen war mit einem Schiff, es sei denn ich wollte zurück auf die Strasse nach Norden, und das war die unbequemste hubbeligste Strasse, auf der ich je geradelt war. Daher, am nächsten Morgen ging’s mit einem Passagierschiff zurück Richtung Tulcea. 

CIMG1357 View to the Delta

Looking Back toward the Delta

CIMG1360 Modern Home Murighiol

Modern Home in Murighiol

CIMG1364 Bus Stop

Some bus stops look primitive, but they are cool inside.

CIMG1366 Colina

Stacks of Reed - A Building in the Planning?

CIMG1370 Lazurile house

Lazurile - Cool Storage Building

CIMG1373 baby storks in Lazurile1

Lazurile - Mama Stork Feeding her Babies

CIMG1380 House in Valea Nucarilor

Colorful House in Valea Nucarilor

CIMG1385 Agighiol Graveyard

Agighiol Cemetery (no need for creativity)

CIMG1397 Enisala

A Place in the Shade

CIMG1399 Enisala

Green Fields

CIMG1403 shepherd near Salcioara

Shepherd Overdressed for the Weather

CIMG1406 S of Jurilovca

Only 101 Kilometers to the Death Canal

CIMG1408 Church s of Jurilovca

Church in Jurilovca

I could’nt resist taking a picture of the mortuary in Corbu below. Note the name on the picture of the herse.

Hades (Greek ᾍδης, meaning "the unseen") was the ancient Greek god of the underworld.

Hades was also called "Plouton", a name which the Romans Latinized as Pluto. Symbols associated with him are the Helm of Darkness, the bident and the three-headed dog, Cerberus. The term hades in Christian theology (and in New Testament Greek) is parallel to Hebrew sheol, and refers to the abode of the dead.

CIMG1411 Funeral Service Hades

Corbu Mortuary - Hades Ltd

CIMG1414 Mangalia

The Death Canal

The Danube Black Sea Canal is a canal in Romania, which runs from Cernavodă, on the Danube, to Constanţa (southern arm, as the main branch), and to Năvodari (northern arm), on the Black Sea. It is an important part of the European canal system that links the North Sea (through the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal) to the Black Sea. The main branch of the canal, with a length of 64.4 km (40.0 mi) was built in 1976–1984, while the north branch with a length of 31.2 km (19.4 mi) was built in 1983–1987.
The Canal was notorious as the site of labor camps in 1950s Communist Romania, when, at any given time, several tens of thousands political prisoners worked on its excavation. The total number of people used as a workforce for the entire period is unknown, as is the number of people who died in its construction. These works were later used in the Carasu irrigation system.

The main reasons for the building of the canal were to circumvent the Danube Delta, which is difficult to navigate, to shorten the distance to the Black Sea, and several issues related to the loading and unloading of ships.

CIMG1355 Returning to Civilization

Leaving the Delta

I got off the ship at the first opportunity and headed uphill. Little did I know that the entire coast heading south would be up and down hills.

Bei der ersten Gelegenheit bin ich ausgestiegen und nach oben geradelt. Ich ahnte nicht, dass die ganze Küste Richtung Süden so hügelig sein würde.

CIMG1358 Sabina

Sabina - Allein Unterwegs nach Norden

CIMG1361 Reed house

Here, some homes still have a grass roof .

CIMG1365 Donkey

Useful Working Animal

CIMG1368 Colina

Colina - Up and Down

CIMG1371 Horse cart

Lazurile - Common Mode of Travel

CIMG1379 baby storks in Lazurile

Lazurile - These Baby Storks are Huge

CIMG1381 House in Valea Nucarilor

Another Interesting Design

CIMG1390 Hot day 44

A Very Hot Day - 44°C (111°F)

CIMG1398 Enisala

Enisala - The Line of Trees is the Highway

CIMG1401 Flowers near Salcioara

Even on a Hot Day, There is Beauty

CIMG1404 Map Tulcea jurisdiction with Danube Delta

Leaving Tulcea Jurisdiction and the Delta Area (at Circle)

CIMG1407 S of Jurilovca

On a Hot Road South of S of Jurilovca

CIMG1409 Corbu downtown

Corbu Marketplace - Where? By the Blue Benches

Ich musste unbedingt ein Foto von diesem Beerdigungsservice Geschäft in Corbu.

Hades (griech. Ἅιδης) bezeichnet in der griechischen Mythologie den Totengott und Herrscher über die Unterwelt, die ebenfalls Hades genannt wurde.

Als Herrscher über die unterirdischen Gefilde wurde er sowohl mit Plutos (Πλοῦτος), dem Gott der (unterirdischen) Reichtümer, als auch mit dem Unterweltsgott Pluton (Πλούτων) identifiziert.

CIMG1412 Baptist Church in Corbu

Corbu Baptist Church

CIMG1413 Mangalia

The Death Canal in Mangalia

CIMG1417 Mangalia
CIMG1415 Planets

Which planet do you want to go to?

CIMG1423 Vama Veche

Vama Veche - Rock n’ Roll Capital of Romania

The main branch of the canal reduces the distance by boat from Constanţa to Cernavodă by about 400 km (250 mi). It is 90 meters (300 ft) wide and 7 meters (23 ft) deep; the northern arm is 31.2 km (19.4 mi) long, 50 m (160 ft) wide and 5.5 m (18 ft) deep.

In its final phase, the canal took over nine years to construct; 381,000,000 m3 of soil were excavated (more than the amount in building the Panama and Suez canals combined), and 5,000,000 m3 of concrete were used for the locks and support walls 

CIMG1416 Saturn

I wonder if I can buy a ring here.

It took me a while to realize that these were the names of tourist resort towns.

Ich habe eine Weile gebraucht, bis ich verstanden hatte, das diese die Namen von Touristenorte sind.

CIMG1419 Bike Trail

Wow! A Real Bicycle Trail in Romania

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