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Vama Veche on the Black Sea near the Bulgarian Border

CIMG1508 My Friends on the Beach

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The most exciting part of Cycle Touring - Meeting New Friends

Das Aufregenste vom Radwandern - Neue Freunde kennenzulernen

Of all the things which wisdom acquires to produce the blessedness of the complete life far the greatest is the possession of Friendship.

....Epicurus (Greek philosopher, BC 341-270)

Laici, Adriana, Don, Anca, Malina, Cristina, Bogdan, Roxana (on her knee) - I love you all!

CIMG1423 Vama Veche

Rock n Roll Capital of Romania

CIMG1511 Our House at Vama Veche

After meeting several friends in Romania, I let them know when I would complete my bike tour near the border of Bulgaria. They all said they would plan to spend the weekend in that last city, Vama Veche, and invited me to join them. “Of course, reserve a room for me.” was my answer.

My first impression of Vama Veche was that it reminded me of some of the Wild West tourist towns in the USA. Pubs everywhere, interesting restaurants, live music throughout the town and many young people looking for a new experience.

Nachdem ich mehrere Freunde in Rumänien kennengelernt hatte, habe ich ihnen gesagt wann meine Reise zu ende sein würde - in der Nähe von der bulgarischen Grenze. Sie haben mir gesagt, dass sie planen würden, ein langes Wochenende mit mir verbringen würden in dieser letzten Stadt, Vama Veche. Und sie haben mich dann eingeladen, mit ihnen die Zeit zu verbringen. “Natürlich, reserviere ein Zimmer auch für mich,” war meine Antwort.

Mein erster Eindruck von Vama Veche war, dass es mich an einige “Wild West” Dörfer in der USA erinnert hatte. Überall Kneipen, interessante Restaurants, live Musik durch das ganze Dorf, und viele junge Leute, die eine neue Erfahrung gesucht hatten.

CIMG1512 Our House at Vama Veche

My Friends at Our House in Vama Veche
Malina, Roxana, Bogdan, Laici, Cristina

Our House in Vama Veche

CIMG1428 Vama Veche Beach
CIMG1425 Vama Veche beach

The Beach in Vama Veche

Vama Veche on the Black Sea

What is Vama Veche? Vama Veche is just north of the Bulgarian border – and has a beautiful beach where many people camp in their tents. The town is a combination Woodstock, Virginia and Aspen, Colorado with a clear Wild West flavor and people walking around wearing cowboy hats. It is the rock and roll capital of Romania where a festival is held each year. Everywhere are wide open pubs with wooden tables and inexpensive food and live music everywhere. This place is incredible – the dream of every hippie, vacationer and young person between the age of 20 and 70.

CIMG1432 Vama Veche Beach

Malina (Laici’s Wife) on the Beach

CIMG1430 Vama Veche Beach

Vama Veche Beach

CIMG1436 Vama Veche Beach

Laici and Malina with a Little PDA

CIMG1434 Vama Veche Beach

Selling Cigarettes

What a dirty trick! The cigarette companies hired beautiful girls to sell their products. Of course, every guy would stop to talk with them. I told one of them that I felt it was my responsibility to help people stop smoking. Apologizing, she said, I only sell them because it was the best job I could find. The fact is that most people in Romania smoke and have no real idea about the dangers of smoking.

Was eine Schande! Die Zigarettenfirmen haben schöne Frauen angestellt, um ihre Produkte zu verkaufen. Natürlich, jeder Mann ist angehalten, um mit ihnen zu reden. Eine davon habe ich erzählt, dass ich Leute geholfen hatte damit aufzuhören. Als Entschuldigung hat sie mir erzählt, es wäre die beste Arbeit, die ihr angeboten war. Tatsache ist, die meisten Leute in Rumänien rauchen und haben keine Ahnung was die Gefahren sind.

CIMG1448 Malina Roxana Simone Paul

Malina, Roxana, Paul and Simone

CIMG1446 Vama Veche Beach

Laici Made it to the Raft

CIMG1450 Malina Roxana

Malina and Roxana - A Lovely Couple of Ladies

CIMG1476 Casandra and Maria Magdalena

I was delighted to meet Cassandra and Maria-Magdalena
two lovely business ladies, who live in Bucharest.

We enjoyed many good conversations together at breakfast over the next two days.


Great Place to Lie in the Sun


Vama Veche Beach

CIMG1457 Roxana Laici

Roxana - Long-Time Friend of Laici

CIMG1459 Adriana new beach dress

Adriana Wearing Her New Beach Clothes
Isn’t She Beautiful?

CIMG1463 Vama Veche Dog on Beach


CIMG1468 Roxana Laici Malina

Roxana, Laici, Malina

CIMG1481 Bulgarian Border

Quick Visit to the Bulgarian Border

CIMG1484 Bulgarian Border
CIMG1496 Cliff on Black Sea

Cliff North of Vama Veche

CIMG1435 Vama Veche Beach
CIMG1440 Vama Veche Beach 2 guys

These Two Guys Were “Putting the Make” on Malina
until Laici Showed Up

CIMG1433 Vama Veche Beach

Vama Veche Beach

CIMG1442 Vama Veche Beach Laici and Malina

Laici and Malina Going for a Walk

CIMG1439 Vama Veche brown & white leg

Ugly Picture - My Legs at the End of the Trip

CIMG1445 Paul  Vama Veche Beach

Paul - Playing in the Sand

CIMG1449 Laici

Laici - Chillin Out That Evening


The Next Morning I went to Breakfast
While Everyone Else was Sleeping

CIMG1451 English Breakfast at Bibi's

At Bibi’s Bistro, the English Breakfast was Innovative

CIMG1473 Super Romanian Breakfast

The Romanian breakfast was, well, not to my taste.


The Pink Rock Hotel - Typical for Vama Veche

CIMG1458 Laici and Bogdan on the beach

Laici and Bogdan - The Friends I Met at the Iron Gates

CIMG1460 Vama Veche Dog on Beach

Redhead on the Beach with her Daughter and Pet

CIMG1467 Adriana Anca Christina Malina in Restaurant

At a Concert in Vama Veche

CIMG1469 Anca Christina

Anca and Cristina

CIMG1491 Black Sea Bike Trail

The Only Bicycle Trail in Romania

CIMG1495 FKK Beach

FKK Beach at the bottom of the Cliff

CIMG1499 Vama Veche Beach

Last Day at the Beach

CIMG1502 Adriana New Beach Dress

Adriana - Modeling next to my Bike

CIMG1503 Malina Don Adriana

As General Patton once said:
“I shall return!”

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Malina and Adriana - Saying Goodbye

A Broken Shell is one of the nicest gifts I have ever received. Someone in Vama Veche gave me a gift that caused my heart to skip a beat. Why? Because it was totally unexpected and the person gave it to me with a big smile on their face - a gift from the heart. What a joy! At my home here in Germany, it has a special place on my garden wall.

Shell from Vama Veche

Sometimes, people come into your life and you know right away they were meant to be there, perhaps for a moment of encouragement, or perhaps to make us realize that our lives have a greater purpose than to continue as before. Such people are friends for a lifetime, even when many miles lie between. This is the case with the friends I made in Romania. I hope I can visit them again soon.

Update April 2013: Bogdan invited me to visit the ancient monasteries with him in June. I am planning a trip on 20 May to travel by bike from Vienna to Bucharest. From there, Bogdan and Laici will drive me and my son, Christian to Suceava where we will ride the bike for a week visiting the ancient monasteries.

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