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The Lahn River Cycling Trail

Lahn Valley

July 2012

This tour began in Feudingen about 15 Kilometers from Bad Laasphe within a few kilometers of the source of the Lahn River. First, I rode 40 kilometers to a train station northwest of my home, then from there with a train 2 hours to Feudingen. From there, I followed the Lahn River eastward to Marburg, then south to Giessen, and from there west to the Rhine River - a total of 275 kilometers.

Juli 2012

Diese Radtour fing in Feudingen an, etwa about 15 Kilometer von Bad Laasphe und nur ein Paar Kilometer von der Donauquelle. Als erstes, bin ich 40 Kilometers zu einem Bahnhof nordöstlich von meinem Haus. Von dort ging es 2 Stunden mit einem Zug nach Feudingen. Von dort, folgte ich die Lahn ostwärts bis Marburg, dann Richtung Süden nach Giessen, und von dort bis zum Rhein - insgesamt 275 Kilometer.

P1160029 Feudingen P1160030 Pigeon Feudingen

Translation: “Beautiful Feudingen”

My first riding companion followed me about 3 kilometers.

P1160031 Lahn P1160032 Lahn P1160033 Lahn

Near its source, the Lahn meanders slowly through a valley of fields and farming communities.

P1160034 Lahn

There is something very soothing about listening
to running water.

P1160036 Lahn Bridge Bad Laasphe

Several wooden bridges span the river near its source.

P1160043 Lahn Cölbe

    Very Long Wooden Bridge near Colbe

P1160040 Fly Fishing Lahn

    Fly Fishing on the Lahn

P1160046 Tube Machine

    Inner Tube Machine - Far Better than Cigarettes

P1160049 Marburg on Lahn

    Marburg - Pedestrian Brige

P1160055 Lahntal Radweg

    Many cycling trails were not hard surfaced.

P1160056 Lahntal Radweg

    The Lahn River Cycling Trail is lined with boxwork buildings and watch towers.

P1160060 Lahntal Radweg

    6 a.m. After a Rainy Night on the Lahn River


    What’s this? Geocache in a Tree - Click the Picture

P1160065 Lahntal Radweg HERON near Weilburg

    Weilburg Zoomed In - Blue Heron

P1160072 Lahntal Radweg

    Green Fields

P1160076 Lahntal Radweg Lahntal Radweg Runkel

    Runkel on the Lahn River

P1160083 Lahn Autobahn Bridge

    I.C.E. Train Bridge near Runkel

P1160088 Lahntal Radweg

    Dunked in the Rain

P1160089 Lahntal Radweg

    Tropical Bike Trail

P1160091 Lahntal Radweg

    Near Lahnstein

P1160097 Rabbits Lahntal Radweg

    Early in the Morning

P1160099 Lahnstein

    Last Bridge on the Lahn before the Rhine River

P1160035 Lahn

The Lahn at this point looks much like the Mummling River which runs through the town were I live.

P1160037 Castle Biedenkopf

Castle Near Biedenkopf

P1160038 Castle Biedenkopf

Castle Near Biedenkopf

P1160041 Fly Fishing Lahn

The Lahn River Lined with Wild Flowers

P1160048 Marburg on Lahn

Marburg - A University City

P1160050 Marburg on Lahn

Marburg - A Beautiful Place to Live

P1160051 Marburg on Lahn


P1160057 Lahntal Radweg

Lovely Trail for Enjoying Peace and Quiet

P1160059 Lahntal Radweg Marburg Cathedral

    Cathedral South of Marburg

P1160062 Lahntal Radweg

    Idyllic Section of the River

P1160066 Lahntal Radweg near Weilburg

    Near Weilburg - What’s on that dam?

P1160067 Lahntal Radweg

    Super Day to Paddle a Canoe

P1160073 Lahntal Radweg

    One of Many Canoes on this Route

P1160080 Lahntal Radweg Runkel

    Runkel on the Lahn River

P1160081 Lahntal Radweg Runkel

    Runkel on the Lahn River

P1160090 Lahntal Radweg

    The River Widens

P1160092 Lahntal Radweg

    Near Lahnstein

P1160098 Burg Lahnstein

    Lahnstein - Castle Lahneck

P1160100 Thinker on Rhine

    Sailor - Where the Lahn Enters the Rhine

P1160105 P1160104
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