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8 - Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade Sign

Beograd in Cyrillic letters
marks the Belgrade City Limits
The Cyrillic alphabet or azbuka is an alphabetic writing system developed in the First Bulgarian Empire during the 10th century AD. It is used in various languages, past and present, of Eastern Europe
and Asia, especially those of Slavic origin, and also
non-Slavic languages influenced by Russian.

Traffic in Belgrad

Traffic in Belgrade on a Quiet Day

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1122 S7302647 Belgrade

View Across the Danube to Belgrade

0942 S7302580 Fahrrad Lift Belgrade

Bicycle Lift

1121 S7302646 Belgrade
0956 P1120072 Belgrade
0964 P1120081 Belgrade
0968 P1000510 Belgrade Bank
0969 P1120083 Belgrade

Belgrade City Center

0992 P1120090 Belgrade
0993 P1120091 Belgrade
1000 P1120096 Belgrade
1005 P1120098 Belgrade
1008 P1120101 Lovers  Belgrade
1020 P1120107 Belgrade
1028 P1120115 Belgrade
1033 P1120119 Belgrade
1047 P1000526 Belgrade
1057 P1120129 Belgrade
1061 P1120131 Belgrade boy
1074 P1120142 Belgrade
1081 P1120143 Belgrade Serbian National Assembly

Serbian National Assembly

1101 P1120153 Belgrade
1098 P1120148 Belgrade Markuskirche
1104 P1120157 Belgrade Markuskirche
1102b S7302639 Belgrade
1091 S7302623 Belgrade

Fitness Area in Park

1134 P1120167 Zlatna Kej Zemun

Fine Restaurant in Zemun

1135 P1120168  flower Zlatna Kej Zemun

Belgrade at Night!

1137 P1120171 Belgrad at Night
1142 P1120177 Belgrad at Night
1145 P1120180 Belgrad at Night
1154 S7302655 Bikes at Airport
0952 P1120068 Belgrade
0953 P1120069 Belgrade

Pedestrian Zone in Belgrade

0954 P1120070 Belgrade
0958 P1120075 Belgrade

English and Cyrillic Mixed

0965 P1120082 Belgrade
0973 P1000514 Belgrade
0979 S7302582 Belgrade

Belgrade’s Fortress

0983 P1120085 Belgrade
0994 P1120092 Belgrade
0997 S7302592 Belgrade
1007 P1120100 Belgrade
1017 S7302599 Belgrade
1024 P1120111 Belgrade
1029 P1120116 Depressed in Belgrade
1037 P1120124 Belgrade
1055 P1000528 Belgrade
1066 P1120136 Belgrade

Latest Fashion in Belgrade - Tight Leotards

1067 P1120137 Belgrade
1084 P1120146 Belgrade
1116 S7302636 Belgrade

Fitness Area in Park

1099a S7302637 Belgrade

St Mark’s Church

1103 P1120155 Belgrade Markuskirche
1090 S7302622 Belgrade

The Serbs Love Water

1124a P1120163 Belgrade

The Fortress Across the River from Zemun

1126 S7302651 Belgrade

They even serve sun-burned cyclists here!

1136 P1120170 Belgrad at Night
1141 P1120175 Belgrad at Night
1144 P1120179 Belgrad at Night
1148 P1120183 Belgrad at Night

Bicycles ready for the trip back to Munich

The trip had barely begun and all of a sudden, it was over!

As you can see, it is rarely necessary to put a bicycle in a box to fly on an airplane. Usually, if you sign a damage waver, you can simply protect the bicycle with strip insulation and check it in.

My experience, is that if the bike is in a box, the luggage handlers throw the boxes and damage the bicycles. If you simply protect the bike as you see here, the handlers are more careful with the bicycle and there is no damage at all.

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