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Livigno - La Notte Nera

Last Update: 18 September 2011

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La Notte Nera - The Dark Night

Livigno Tal Die dunkle Nacht

Livigno Valley - August 2011

Livigno Tal - August 2011

Coro Monteneve - A Special Church Service

Gottesdienst auf dem Rezze Berg

My Friends - Lifestyle in Livigno

Meine Freunde - Lebensstil in Livigno

3 Cime di Lavaredo - Mountain Climbing in the Dolomites

3 Zinnen - Bersteigen in den Dolomiten

My First Trip to Livigno

Meine Erste Reise nach Livigno


Enjoying the Bonfire - Click

P1120637 Sabrina

Sabrina and Adriana Selling Milk and Cheese


Children in Traditional Costume


Notte Nera - Torches to Light the Way

P1120633 Dr. Margherita Pedrana und Giovanni

Margherita and Friend after Buying Milk

P1120645 Cafe Notte Nera
P1120646 DJ at Miky's Pub

Entertainment at Miky’s Pub

La Notte Nera - Livigno, Italy

On August 15, 2011, at precisely 9 p.m., all the lights in the city of the alpine village of Livigno were turned off. Why? To celebrate the Notte Nera.

The celebration commemorates the Alpine atmosphere of almost two centuries ago. Instead of street lamps, as you can see in the photograph, the night is lit by bonfires, candles and torches. No cars are allowed to drive into the city (or even around it) and the main street in the city is lined with various kinds of animations and entertainment.

For example, the famous Coro Monteneve (Snow Mountain Choir) sang in several places in the city during the Notte Nera.

P1120663 Coro Monteneve

Coro Monteneve Singing in the Street - Click the Picture

P1120639 Making Cheese

Making Cheese


La Notte Nera - Festive Costume Parade

P1120643 Entertainer Notte Nera

Entertainer on Main Street

P1120644 Firelight Livigno

Midnight Pyrotechnic Show - Click


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