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Last Update: 28 September 2011

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Lifestyle - My Friends in Livigno, Italy

P1120699 Birrificio

From a distance, I thought the two guys on the right were sitting in front of a house. Instead, they were only a mural on a wall. I was invited to join some friends at this house in August 2011 - and a wonderful evening it was.

P1120737 Andrea

And Diogini fixed a meal we will all never forget.


Adriano helped where he could and made sure everyone was enjoying themselves.


... and then serverd the first plate. Of course... it was her apartment.


On to the next Sunday

on top of Mount Rezze!!

Is there anything more important than friendship and relationships with the people we meet? I don’t think so. Will Rogers once said, “I never met anyone I didn’t like!” I have to repeat his comment. Another man I admire greatly is Heinz Martin Adler in Berlin. He said that everyone we meet is different - just the same as the fact that there are no two fingerprints that are alike, the people we meet are different. We are allowed to describe them and their behavior, but mature people do not make value judgements. We are products of our upbringing and our environments, therefore, we have no right to say one person is “better” than another. I accept everyone I meet just as they are. And I must say, I find something likeable about every one of them.

The people on the left are some of my favorite people in Livigno and I can afford a big hug to each of them. Lora Donna, Clelia, Adriano, Denise, Margherita. Wonderful friends, whom I hope to see again.


Andrea, left, and below, provided the entertainment with his excellent guitar playing. Click the Picture below!


Delicious to the very last bite and the atmosphere was indescribable.


Angela and Karin enjoyed the music and provided wonderful conversation.


Lovely Monica offered the first toast to a successful evening.

P1120775 Monica

Ah, the good life in Italy is hard to beat! Outside, the view was breathtaking!!!

P1120761 Livigno at Night

La Notte Nera - The Dark Night

Livigno Tal Die dunkle Nacht

Livigno Valley - August 2011

Livigno Tal - August 2011

Coro Monteneve - A Special Church Service

Gottesdienst auf dem Rezze Berg

My Friends - Lifestyle in Livigno

Meine Freunde - Lebensstil in Livigno

3 Cime di Lavaredo - Mountain Climbing in the Dolomites

3 Zinnen - Bersteigen in den Dolomiten

My First Trip to Livigno

Meine Erste Reise nach Livigno


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