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Last Update: 2 October 2011

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The Coro Monteneve and A Festive Church Service on Mount Rezze


Once each year, there is a festive church service on the top of Mount Resa just south of the city of Livigno. The day before this celebration, the weather was terrible, but on this Sunday, the weather was perfect. Bright sunshine and smiling faces could be seen all the way to the top of the mountain. Maybe God decided to make this day special.

When I woke up in the morning, all I could see was fog all around me. But when I went to the Carousel 3000, a lift that offered free rides to the top of a mountain nearby, I was surprised to see the view. Breathtaking. In the picture below, you can see a few houses in the town of Trepalle, the highest permanently populated town in Europe.

P1120860 Monica left

It took me 1 hour 15 minutes to walk from the top of the lift to the mountain where the church service was held. Monica, otherwise known as “Wonder Woman”, a Veterinarian in Livigno, ran from the valley below to the top of the mountain in exactly the same time - 1 hour 15 minutes. Incredible!

P1120866 Cinzia G

During the church service, the Coro Monteneve sang a few songs. Here, the choir director, Cinzia Galli, is posing for a photograph with one of the singers.


Two singers and Francesco (right), Choir President.

P1120916 Paolo Silvestri

Paolo Silvestri, Choir Manager.

P1120962 Paolo S
P1120964 P1120965
P1120836 le nuvole 28.8.2011

Later that morning the clouds dispersed and you could see the entire city of Livigno below.


Coro Monteneve - Supporting the Church Service - CLICK ME

Below - Delivering the Message

P1120948 P1120954
P1120971 Iliana Franco (post lady and fireman) Christians at the Festival of the Madonna
P1130005 Monica Tierärztin

Iliana and Franco - Friends I spent much of the day with on Mt Rezza


Sharing Lunch with Monica

P1130007 Meine Wenigkeit


P1130019 Monica and Mountain Biker

Lunch on the Mountain

P1130053 Piz Bernina

Monica and Friend

P1130048 Don


Piz Bernina - View on the Way Back Down the Mountain

La Notte Nera - The Dark Night

Livigno Tal Die dunkle Nacht

Livigno Valley - August 2011

Livigno Tal - August 2011

Coro Monteneve - A Special Church Service

Gottesdienst auf dem Rezze Berg

My Friends - Lifestyle in Livigno

Meine Freunde - Lebensstil in Livigno

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My First Trip to Livigno

Meine Erste Reise nach Livigno


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