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My Impressions about Cycling in Kentucky - Not Good at All !

Let me explain. I have never been anywhere in the world (including 36 countries I’ve visited) where people yelled at me, called me names, and told me to get off the road so often. It seemed as if over half the people in Kentucky never learned any road decency toward cyclists at all. Of course, I met a few very nice people, but rarely, if ever, did any of them understand the bicycle laws of the state.

What are they? A bicycle has exactly the same rights as a car on the highway. Since there are no cycling trails, bicycles must use the roads. That requires that drivers must be extra tolerant when they see a bicycle. Only one “angel” escorted me across a long busy bridge.

CIMG1505 Henderson on the Ohio River

Lunchtime on the Ohio, Henderson, Kentucky

CIMG1508 Harvesting the Corn

Harvesting the Corn

CIMG1515 Old KY Home

Perhaps “My Old Kentucky Home”

CIMG1518 Amish

Amish in Marion, Kentucky

CIMG1527 Fish Mailbox

You gotta love fishing to buy a mailbox like this one.

CIMG1544 Barge on the Canal between Barkley Lake and Kentucky Lake

Barge in the Canal between Lake Kentucky and Lake Barkley

One of the most common things that people say to me when they see me on the bike is “Watch out for the coal trucks!”

CIMG1503 Henderson KY Park

Crossing the Ohio. At first, there were many cars buzzing past me and honking. Suddenly, a car with a dove on the back window pulled up behind me and rode slowly until I made it across the bridge. I thanked God for that!

CIMG1507 Harvest House KY

House decorated for the Harvest near Corydon, Kentucky

CIMG1513 Oil Well

Oil Well in Kentucky

CIMG1516 Blue Barn KY
CIMG1524 Vultures on Lake Barkley

Vultures on Lake Barkley
(Sometimes they roost in trees and not on the road.)

CIMG1528 Barkely Dam

Barkley Dam - on Lake Kentucky

CIMG1530 Blue Bridge over the Cumberland

Blue Bridge over the Cumberland River

Goodbye Kentucky - Hello Tennessee !

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