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28 May - 3 June - Week 7

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May - June 2006



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28 May

Dünenhof near Cuxhaven -- Day of Rest with a short bike tour to Cuxhaven. This forest is in an NSG (Naturschützgebiet) nature preservation area.

Grazing Cattle near Cuxhaven


29 May

About the size of a duck, the Basstölpel comes from Africa and breeds on the cliffs in Helgoland.

The stone formation on the right, “Lange Anna”, is located on the far west end of Helgoland.


30 May


This was a cold rainy day. All I can remember is how miserable it was to ride the bicycle between bus stops. Each bus stop in this region had a small rain and wind hut next to it and provided a chance to keep dry and out of the wind. A miserable day that I would never want to repeat.

Murphy’s Law was in effect when I arrived at this drawbridge. After 6 p.m., it is put into the UP position and left all night. I had to ride 5 kilometers out of the way to get around it.


31 May

Elbe Crossing

I only took two pictures this day and it is a day I wouldn’t mind forgetting. The rain didn’t want to stop.

Eventually, I arrived at Reidar Fischer’s home in Itzehoe. The photo on the right is Reidar in his office, trying to speed up the Japanese server. Good Luck!


1 June

Reidar’s lovely wife, Judith, was very kind and made the guest room available -- the first bed I had slept in for over a month. Jal is their 8 month old son who kept us all very busy.

Freya and Elin, their daughters, were getting ready to celebrate Freya’s Birthday as I was getting ready to head on up the coast.

My own guest room is always open to this lovely family. They treated me like a king for the short time I was visiting them. It was wonderful to sleep in a real bed for a change.


2 June

Sleeping in the Early Morning Sun When I woke up, the first thing I saw on the dike near me was this lamb and it’s mother still sound asleep.

I cannot leave out a photograph of two very interesting people, Franka (a psychoanalyst) and Siewert (former pastor and social worker) who invited me to join them for lunch at their favorite place to eat “An de Diek” (On the Dike) where we enjoyed the “Captain’s Platter” and a good conversation. Siewert gave me a very nice diagram that revealed very clearly how Germans and Americans feel about each other and why. Of course it will be in my book. Thanks, Siewert.

On the way to St.Peter Ording, I stopped in Büsum -- the least expensive way to get to Helgoland. Büsum was not a very impressive city. Husum, on the other hand, is much more worth the visit.


3 June

House with Reed (Grass?) Roof
Husum Region - Land of the grass-roofed homes. This one needs to be mowed.

Husum at Low Tide

Today was flea market day in Husum - a really nice town to visit with many small restaurants and shops. 

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