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4-10 June  - Week 8

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June 2006



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4 June

Hallig Hooge - Farm

Hallig Hooge lies in the North Sea between the Islands of Amrum and Pellworm. Not really an island, the word “Hallig” means Salz-Liegend - lying in salt. The plants on the island are variants that can live in salt water. During storm floods, the only part above water are the tiny hills with the farms and homes where the residents hope for receding waters.

Gulls on Posts - Amrum

While walking to the beach on Amrum, these gulls decided they would stay on their posts regardless of my walking past them. These gulls have learned to be beggars, always wanting a handout from tourists, they make a sound much like a cat begging for food when they are hungry.


5 June

Sylt - Kampen Beach by Day

After an Island Hopping trip on the “Adler-Express” from Nordstrand to Hallig Hooge - Amrum - Sylt, I liked Sylt best, perhaps because I expected something entirely differnt.

Only Westerland was overbuilt. Otherwise, Sylt was decorated with dunes and fields of heather -- a true paradise island. I was surprised to see so many youth centers on the island and, regardless of Sylt’s reputation, the people were dressed decently on the beaches.

Kampen Beach Sunset

I liked the northern part of the island best where these photos were taken.

Overnighting in Kampen, I called my brother, Larry, on his Birthday after sunset on this beautiful island. Happy Birthday Larry. The next time you come to Germany, we can plan to return here.


6 June

Welcome to the island of Romo in Denmark

Tip: The ferry ride from Sylt to Romo or vice versa is much less expensive than the train ride from the mainland of Germany. This was the most terrifying day of my trip so far. It started out gently with the ferry ride, but for some reason, the traffic was incredibly dense all the way through Denmark to Flensburg in Germany. Even though I took the smaller roads, I was forced to lower the reflective blue bottle and wear a yellow safety vest to keep the cars from zipping past too closely to my bike.

Danish Church

This church is in a village about halfway between Romo and Flensburg. Simple but clean like everything in Denmark. The people were all friendly and spoke both English and German. Someday, I would like to take a bike vacation in this beautiful country.


7 June

Flensburger Fjörde

In need of rest, I enjoyed the quiet glens and biotopes in the Flensburger Fjord. This region of Germany, which I thought was flat, was instead very hilly. Before taking off this day, I purchased a full load of groceries and 7 liters of water and juices, so it was quite a challenge to ride up and down some of the steep hills.

Kappeln - The Gotland

After sleeping away the afternoon, I traveled to the city of Kappeln, a delightful city with an unusually nice pedestrian zone. Down on the docks there was a very impressive Klappbrücke - folding bridge - that allowed ships such as the Gotland to pass. This particular ship (right) was open for tourists to board and look around.


8 June

.Kiel Small Yacht Harbour

My camera stopped working on this day in Eckernförde, but with a bit of help from the residents in Kiel, I was able to find the Media Markt and replace it with a far better model. Kiel was not a pretty city. It was filled with skyscrapers and was poorly designed. The small yacht harbour and the surrounding area were nice in Kiel. In contrast, Eckernförde (no phographs) is a beautiful little city that I plan to return to someday

View from my Tent at 5 a.m.

This photo was taken next to my campsite for the night. I woke up this morning to the sound of a pheasant hen that was breeding in the heather only 40 feet away and a cuckoo bird in the distance.


9 June

Laboe and a Sea of Sailboats in Kiel Harbor

Laboe is a quaint little town where tourists gather to sun on the beach and visit several attractions. The Ehrendenkmal is a monument in which history is preserved in honor of sailors that fought during World War II. Near the monument, you can go into a submarine to find very cramped quarters that the sumariners had to endure during the war.

From Laboe, you can catch a ferry taxi to Kiel for 2,40 Euros. That noon, I met with a lawyer who invited me to lunch in a fantastic Mexican Restaurant - El Paso - where I enjoyed a plate of Nachos Grande - a real treat. Check it out near the Rathaus.

Laboe Beach with Ehrendenkmal in the distance

I spent two nights in a campground in Laboe where I met a very nice gentleman who conversed with me for several hours. A man with much wisdom who told me he needed an “Auszeit” - time out. As I was packing up my bags and tent, I learned that he was a psychoanalyst. His parting words: “Do you mind if I make a comment before you leave? You will never be happy in Germany. You belong in the US.” Strange words? Maybe not. My own wife has said that she does not want to spend the autumn of her life in the town where we live. Only time will tell. 


10 June

Hohwacht Beach near Fehmarn

This was an unusual day to say the least. I took many photos with my new camera but I chose these two because of their significance. The “Men in Black” contrast with the many people sunning on this beach. I was puzzled by their presence until I saw the rest of the wedding party further down the beach.

Lane near Panker

This secluded lane lies between the small town of Panker, where there is a small castle, and Tivoli Beach near Lütjenburg. I was unable to visit the castle because of a wedding planned that afternoon, so I headed for the beach. There were no roads leaving the town, so I pushed the bicycle up a steep bumpy lane that flattened out and revealed a beautiful view of Tivoli Beach. There I met an artist that lives on the Island of Patmos in Greece - a lovely lady with an absolutely positive, joyful demeanor. She sells her paintings in the town of Panker across the street from the castle. We talked for about half an hour before she rushed on to relieve her mother in the shop. Her suggestion, “Live in Greece and travel to Germany in the summer”.

I ate lunch on the bench next to my bicycle in this photo and you might guess who wanted some time away from the crowds and the press before the wedding. The Prince von Hessen and his bride came riding slowly in their open wedding coach grinning ear to ear when they saw me relaxing in the shade drinking some orange juice. We greeted each other briefly, his bride as lovely as any I’ve seen, and the prince drove on toward the town and the hullaballoo to follow. I shall never forget my encounter with a prince.

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