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21-27 May  - Week 6

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MAY 2006



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21 May


Total peace at last...
No cars...
No horses...
No bicycles...
Just dune grass and blue skies!

I fell asleep here on the sand and woke up 3 hours later, just in time to catch the ferry back to the mainland.


22 May

Jever - Famous for its tart bitter beer. This photograph is of the Jever brewery. 

Rhododendrons are in full bloom this time of year. On the way to Delmenhorst, I passed dozens of gardens where there appeared to be competition to see who could grow the most beautiful flowers. This garden wins hands down.


23 May

In Delmenhorst, I visited an old friend, Andreas Adomeit, who drove me across the river to Bremen. He is on the right under the statue of the legendary city musicians. On the left, I’m standing in front of the Rathaus. If you look closely, you can see the statue of Roland with the sword.

The next day, I spent in Bremen Blumenthal with Johanna Adomeit, Andreas’s lovely wife, Benjamin “Bemi,” and his sister Luisa and her girlfriend, Emma.They are in the photos below.


24 May

“Da Bemi!” - Benjamin Adomeit

Emma and Luisa


25 May

Harriersand - Longest river island in Europe

After waiting for the rain to stop, I left in the afternoon to travel northwards. First, I rode the length of Harriersand and crossed on the ferry to Brake. 50 kilometers later, I was at the North Sea again where I spent the night sleeping like a baby after traveling 92 kilometers for the day.


26 May


The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I woke up early this morning at 4:45 and rode a few kilometers onto the tongue of land that protrudes into the North Sea between Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven when I saw this fence with sheep’s wool framing the third rung.

Bremerhaven - crossing on the ferry Later, around noon, I crossed the Weser River at Bremerhaven. Here, the Weser is about three kilometers wide.


27 May

Cuxhaven Beach and Wattwandern at low tide,

Here at the Dünenhof, a Christian retreat center near Cuxhaven in Berensch, I plan to stay for a couple of days to look at the area. Later this summer, the MFG summer camp 2006 will take place here.

Here you can see a group of people leaving at low tide for the island of Neuwerk.

“Walk on the Watt dear children, walk on the watt, yeah. God’s a gonna trouble the watters.” :-)

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