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2 - 9 September  - Week 17

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2-9 September 2006



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3 Sep

City that doesn’t know where it belongs. Büsingen, Germany, pays taxes in Switzherland, uses Swiss coins, registers its cars in Germany, is surrounded by Switzerland, but politically, belongs to Germany. A truly mixed up place. The European Nazarene Bible College is located in this town.

The Waterfalls on the Rhine River


4 Sep

Idyllic Bike Path on the Rhine

Bad Säckingen on the Rhine


5 Sep

Swans Taking Flight

Basel, Switzerland, at the Southwest Corner of Germany


6 Sep

Cormorans on the Rhine

Innovative Speed Limit Signs in France


7 Sep

Visitor in My Tent - Hedgehog keeping warm

Colmar, the Flower City of France


8 Sep

Breisach on the Rhine

Home of a Florist in France


9 Sep

Sunrise on the Rhine

Typical Allee (Highway) in France

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