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27 Aug - 2 Sep -  Week 16

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27 August - 2 September 2006



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27 Aug

Bike Trail in the Lech Valley

River Crossing near Garmisch-Partenkirchen


28 Aug

Bridge Out on the Austrian Border

Bike Trail on the Weissensee near Füssen


29 Aug

Hike in the Alps on a Snowy Day

First Snow of the Year in the Allgäu Alps


30 Aug

First Snow in Oberjoch

Das Gespenst vom Haus Schattwald - ertappt


31 Aug

Milestone - Lindau on Lake Constance
From here it is only downhill

Carina, Jonathan, Peter, Maxi
Eine ganz nette Familie die wir “in der Höll” kennengelernt haben


1 Sep

Meersburg - This Museum is small, but worth the visit.
Be sure to watch the Movie.

Unteruhldingen - Village on Poles


2 Sep

Constance Harbor at the West End of Lake Constance

Reichenau - The Vegetable Island

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