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10 - 16 September

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10-16 September 2006 - The Final Week



Destination at End of Day

Points of Interest


09. Sep

Wild Geese Conversing on a Lake

Max and Patrick on their Way to Vienna


10. Sep

Lauterbourg, France - The last city in France before leaving the French border to head home

City Offices in Lauterbourg, France


11. Sep

Neuburg on the Rhine
The Official Start and End of the Trip Around Germany
On 20 April, the trees were bare, now they are filled with fruit.

Weissenburg Gate in Germersheim


12. Sep

Cathedral in Speyer - large enough to play football inside

Beach on the Rhine where I camped (nice place to swim)


13. Sep

Heidelberg on a Warm Summer Day

Peter and His Lovely Wife
Friends I met at a campsite near Heidelberg


14. Sep

Heidelberg - The Old Bridge

Last Lunch Alone in the Woods
(an apple, a banana, some whole grain bread with honey)


15. Sep

Hirschhorn - Pearl of the Neckar River

Susan, Helen, Andy, Mike, and Yours Truly
(I’m not sure the order of the names is correct.)

Americans I met on the Neckar River on their 17th Bike Trip in Europe


16. Sep

My Barber - Mrs. Kaufmann-Olekson -
surprised me with a great meal after cutting my hair.

The Most Beautiful Valley I’ve Seen in 18 Weeks -- The Valley Where I Live

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