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Last Update:   24 June 2018

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My Goal

My greatest desire is to help others to come to know God personally so that they may also live with a peace inside them that goes beyond anything we can understand.

I believe that there is good or at least the desire to do goodin every human being. I am equally certain that there is a void — an empty space — waiting to be filled with purpose in life in every person that breathes. It is simple to see that nearly everyone is looking for their “identity” most of their lives. This identity search not only expresses itself by youth that put rings in their tongues, that wear an Iroquois haircut, that dye their hair blue and orange, that wear black leather jackets with crossbones on the back; but also by many adults that purchase outrageously expensive sportscars, unneeded SUVs and yachts and anything that sets them apart from the rest of society. It also takes on other more subtle forms that make the same statement: “Look at me! I belong! I am somebody!” But they haven’t found what they really want – and they belong to a very large group of seekers with empty hearts and unfulfilled longings. What they are searching for can only be found in identifying with the One who created them.

The simple truth is that there is a God who created us all and loves us - as a Potter who loves his own creations. He gave us life and deserves our gratitude and love.

I am often saddened by the shrinking churches of yesterday -- the old-fashioned churches -- that try to continue as before. They are not meeting the needs of those who live in this generation. Their young people are leaving the church because they are hungry for something that is meaningful to them and their lifestyle, and the leaders of such churches are failing miserably to present to them the excitement of knowing Jesus Christ in a way that satisfies their longing. They are failing to help them identify with their Creator. My primary goal lies in helping others find their identity in Christ.

Let me end with a quote from Dr. Neil Anderson: “If we fail to provide new wineskins, we will be ill-equipped to serve the ‘new wine’ — the next generation of believers.” (Ref: Luke 5:37)

My Motto

It has been my favorite verse in scripture for many years and, although it is sometimes tough to do, it perfectly matches my goals and desires as only one of the millions of God’s creations on this planet.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” (Phil. 2:3)

So my goal is clearly philanthropic in nature -- helping others to find fulfillment and purpose in life -- to electrify their existence with enthusiam for the One who created us, and in so doing, allowing them to experience the peace and joy that is available for everyone who walks on this planet.

Will I achieve that goal? With God’s help, I will continue to try -- daily. And in some individual cases, I will succeed.

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