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I have been fortunate enough in my life to have seen very few people die, but I can say from experience, that there is a vast difference between watching “believers” and “non-believers” take their last breath before passing on.

The EMPEROR AUGUSTUS: "Have I played my part well? Then applaud, for the comedy is over!"

HENRY VIII: "Everything is gone - kingdom, body and soul!"

CESARE BORGIA, the statesman, said: "During the course of my life I have made provision for everything, but I forgot about death. Alas, I die unprepared."

CARDINAL MAZARIN: "Soul, what will become of thee?"

THOMAS HOBBES, a British philosopher: "I’m taking a fearful leap in the dark."

DAVID HUME, the atheist, cried: "I am in the flames!" His despair was an awful scene.

VOLTAIRE, the famous cynic, had a terrible end. His nurse said: "For all the wealth of Europe, I would not see another infidel die."

Earl Montholon wrote about NAPOLEON: "The Emperor is dying lonely and forsaken on this terrible rock. His death-struggle is awful."

GOETHE: "More light!"

NIETZSCHE died out of his mind.

SIR THOMAS SCOTT, former president of the British House of Lords: "Until now I thought there was no God or hell. Now I know there is both, and I am doomed."

The daughter of STALIN, Swetlana Alliujewa, was called to the dying dictator in March 1953 on his datscha in Kunzewo. She said: "My father´s death was difficult and terrible. God gives the righteous an easy death."

CHURCHILL:  "What a fool I have been."

JEAN-PAUL SARTRE: "I have failed."

Can you really believe that those cited above were pretending in their hour of death? Death is a terrible reality for those who die without peace with God. We try to ignore any thoughts about death. We do not want to be reminded of our end. But is such an attitude a wise one?

Voltaire, David Hume and others would surely have laughed or scoffed if during their lifetime one had told them that without Christ they would be eternally lost. Nonetheless, they had to realize and admit that the Bible is right in stating: "It is appointed to men once to die, and after death comes judgement."
(Hebrews 9,27)

Now that you have access to “the truth”, what will be your last words?

Here are a few of the last words from people who found – and lived – the truth.

HEINRICH HEINE, the great cynic, later converted. Postscript to his poems "Romancero" (30.9.1851) he wrote: "On one’s deathbed one becomes very sensitive and wishes to make peace with God and the world . . . Poems which contained abuse against God I delivered to the flames. It is better to burn the verse than the writer. I have returned to God like the Prodigal Son after tending the pigs with the Hegelians for a long time. Theologically I must confess my conversion to a personal God."

MARTIN LUTHER, the great reformer, prayed before his death: "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit, you have redeemed me, o Lord, God of truth."

DWIGHT L. MOODY, the evangelist: "This is my coronation day. If this is death, it is sweet!"

HELMUT J. Graf von MOLTKE wrote 24 hours before he was executed by the Nazis to his wife: "How gracious is God to me! My heart is full of thanks, there is no room for anything else."

Oberst von ROENNE wrote even on the place of execution (12.10.1944) on a piece of paper: "In a few minutes I am going home to my Lord and Saviour. He is standing at my side giving me the security of my salvation."

JESUS CHRIST praying for those who had crucified him: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." And before he died he cried in a loud voice: "It is finished!" - "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!" (Luke 24 and John 19)

A Chinese communist, through whom many Christians had been executed, said to a pastor:
"I have seen many of you die. The Christians die in a different way. What is your secret?"

Shortened and paraphrased from:
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