Bike Trip 2006

Last Update: 31 August 2007

At the end of March, 2006, my regular working days were finally over, so for my first few months after retiring, I decided to take a relaxing bicycle trip around the perimeter of Germany. I started near Karlsruhe, where the Rhine River leaves the border of France, headed west, and then continued northward and clockwise around Germany.

Not only did I ride around the border of Germany, but I also rode around all the islands in the North Sea, the Baltic, and Lake Constance. I had to walk around Helgoland, but one of my best experiences was there - seeing the Basstölpel during mating season.

Walchen Lake

This was one of the many stops along the route in 2006!

If you are interested in riding along sometime, just send me an e-mail donfeidner@hotmail.com and let me know what interests you.

The General Plan displays the big picture.

Germany has some of the finest bike trails in the world and most of them are very well marked. Except in the Alps, it is rarely necessary to share a road with cars. My trip in 2006 was 80% on bike trails, agricultural roads (where only tractors and farm equipment are allowed), and forest trails.

August 2006
On a bike path on the way to Garmisch with Robert in the Alps.

The Plan Map shows where I could be found during this trip.

Most of the time, I slept in a tent – sometimes in a campsite and occasionally in the wilderness. (Because of health problems with my lungs, I sleep best outdoors in the fresh air.)


Why did I take this trip? Read it HERE.


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