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Last Update:  5 June 2015

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Why buy a mailbox when you have a milk can?

CIMG1594 Walter Häussermann

If there were a contest for patriotism, Alabama wins!

CIMG1595 AL Training the Motorists

Brief Meeting with Dr. Walter Haeussermann in Huntsville, Alabama

A man is only a man, but a friend is a friend forever. Dr. Haeussermann (96 years old) is the last of the great scientists that helped the USA pave the way into space. I met with him occasionally 30 years ago when I worked for the government and learned to appreciate him as a friend. He is still the same gentlemen today that he has always been. Read more about him here: 

Read more about our friendship HERE


Training the Motorists

CIMG1597  Bike Trail Green River

The “cotton-pickin’ cotton pickers need to get busy!

CIMG1596  Bike Route Huntsville

A Bicycle Trail - Just like in Germany

CIMG1604 TN River

Cycling Routes in Alabama are Marked

CIMG1602 Bike Trail AL

Bridge across the Tennessee River

CIMG1609 Island in TN River

Bicycle Trail - The Rest of the USA could take a lesson from this!

CIMG1605 Bike Trail TN River

Tennessee River - Near Guntersville, Alabama

CIMG1619 Patriots Park

Bicycle Trail - Along the Tennessee River

CIMG1612 Jesus is the Way
CIMG1622 Chief Ladiga Trail

Construction Site - Near Gadsden, Alabama

CIMG1620 Alabama Home

Chief Ladiga Trail

CIMG1626 Chief Ladiga Trail

My Alabama Home

CIMG1624 Chief Ladiga Trail

Below: René at the Entrance to the Chief Ladiga Trail on the Alabama State Line

René accompanied me for about 10 miles - a good cycling partner!

CIMG1628 Chief Ladiga Rene

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