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3 - Passau to Vienna

P1000436 Don in Passau

Leaving Passau - where the Danube and Inn Rivers Meet

P1000441 Passau
P1000446 Prayer Statioin

Near Grafenau, the Danube loops around the nearby mountains. A very beautiful place to camp.

This leg of the trip goes from Passau, Germany, on the border to Austria, to Vienna. My wife’s cousin, Rudi Wandersleb, accompanied me on this leg of the trip and continued on to Belgrade. The picture on the left is the starting point in Passau. Below is a picture of Rudi shortly after leaving Passau.

Diese Etappe der Reise geht von Passau bis Wien. Ich bin diese Etappe sogar bis Belgrad mit Rudi Wandersleb (unten), der Cousin meiner Frau. Das Foto links in Passau ist Startpunkt der Etappe.

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P1110331 Rudi nach Ems

We saw several variations of the nymph below -
a mermaid on the Danube.

P1000445 Danube Nymph near Passau

There were also many “mediation and prayer” stations along the river - usually about 1 kilometer apart. 

P1110338 One of many Catholic Prayer Stops
Camp 1

Near Grafenau, Rudi is standing next to my tent at Campsite Hotel Nikolaus. The ski hat was necessary. At night, the temperatures dropped to freezing.

P1110328 Campsite Nikolaus
P1110341 Danube near Linz
P1110336 Ferry near Ems

Ferry Near Waldkirchen

P1110346 Dancing in the rain

Nearing Linz, Austria, the Danube became very wide. ...and then the rain came.... the first wonderful rainfall I had seen in weeks! Yes, that’s me dancing in the rain.

P1110353 Column Graves in Linz
P1110356 S├Ąulengr├Ąber

I’ve never seen anything like this before. These are column graves. Under each column is an urn with the ashes of the deceased inside. Below is a house-like structure - also with unrs inside. 

P1110358 Bears in Linz

Linz,  Austria

P1110360 Linz with Maypole

Linz at Night

P1110380 Linz at night

You’ve got to be kidding me. A longhorn saloon east of Linz. This belongs in Texas! Nice to see a little bit of America on this trip!!!!

P1110382 Longhorn Saloon
P1110385 Tilmann

Near Mauthausen we met Tilmann Waldthaler, the master of Cycle Touring. Tilmann has ridden 440 thousand kilometers on a bicycle. Currently, he is on his way to New Zealand. 

P1110393 Hay Tractor
P1110401 Hermann

Above is Hermann at the camping place in Grein.
Hermann also has 400,000 km behind him.

P1110415 Burg Sch├Ânb├╝hel

Sch÷nbuhel Castle

P1110418 Burg Sch├Ânb├╝hel
P1110432 Camille Solar Panels from Orleans

Oui Messieur - This cyclist is Camille,who is also on his way to Belgrade! We saw him several times during our trip - in Bratislava - and the last time in Budapest.

P1110440 Wachau
P1110443 Tulln

Near Tulln, Austria

P1110456 Tulln
S7302355 Tulln
S7302356 Tulln
S7302357 Cooking Potatos

Cooking Potatoes!

Continue on to Vienna

Weiter nach Wien

P1110357 Urn House
P1110361Church Steeple in Linz Austria
P1110373 Linz at night

Linz at Night

P1110381 East of Linz
P1110383 St Georgen an der Dusen
P1110395 Very Windy

Windy enough? Then came the rain!!! 

P1110410 Melk


P1110409 Melk
P1110420 Danube Burg Sch├Ânb├╝hel
P1110434 near Vienna
P1110437 Wachau near Vienna

The Wachau - Wine Region near Vienna.

P1110442 Wachau Weingebiet

Tulln, Austria

P1110452 Tulln

It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it!

P1110390 Radfahrstation Mitterkirchen

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