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What do I believe about sin?

Last Update: 16 September 2010

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Sin is the condition into which all descendants of the first man, Adam, are born (see Romans 5:12). Sin is living our lives independently of God – it is disobedience to God and His guidelines for our behavior – God’s “will”. It's the result of being deceived by Satan to believe that meaning and purpose in life can be achieved apart from a personal relationship with, and obedience to, the Creator of life.

Sin is powerful and appealing because it allows us to break away from rules and regulations and become our own god. A friend of mine once said, “If you don’t enjoy sinning, then you don’t know how to sin right”. But at the core of every sin is God’s enemy, Satan, attempting to draw us away from God and render us ineffective as Christians.

If you’re not a Christian, you live according to the set of rules made by those in your environment -- and many of those goals are highly commendable --, but Satan doesn’t care about you. Why should the devil tempt someone who is not a threat to him anyway?

Only the Holy Spirit has the power to make non-believers aware of their sins. If we try to make people aware of their sin, we normally make a grand mess of it – and possibly lose a potential friend. Therefore, I belive that our purpose in life is to be an example of God’s love – His ambassador – not His prosecutor.

Therefore, sinning, and guilt associated with it, is only a problem for Christians. Non-believers only experience guilt based on another set of rules – until they hear the truth. Logically, Satan only tempts Christians -- those who oppose him. Christians experience guilt because of disobedience to “the God who is there”. If they are obedient on a regular basis, which really isn’t that difficult, they experience...JOY....and because of that joy, they enjoy life far more intensely than non-believers. They become, as quoted in the bible, the salt of the earth.

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