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The Legend of the Almond Trees is one of the oldest, and in Silves it involved the love of the Nordic Romaiquia and Al-Mu’tamid, poet and prince of the city, the son of the Caliph of Seville. The legend has it that the beautiful princess was dying of homesickness because she wanted to see the snow, as in her native country. To please her, the prince from the south, who had captured her, ordered almonds trees to be planted in all the fields so that the white blossom would look like the delicate snowflakes. The princess’s homesickness was cured and they lived happily ever after.l

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The magnificent city of Xelb, where caliphs, princes and poets lived in the “Palace of the Verandas”, looking out over the Arade River, the fine sandstone castle in Silves dominates the surrounding landscape.

Silves is green, but only 15 kilometers inland from the ocean, at least partially due to the massive forest fires in 2003, the land is barren and dry. Eucalyptus trees seem to be the only trees that survive this climate well.

Silves ist grün, aber nur 15 kilometer inland vom Meer, teilweise wegen den Waldbränden in 2003, ist das Land sehr trocken und leer. Eukalyptus Bäume sind scheinbar die einzige Bäume, die hier wirklich gut wachsen.

Closer to the ocean, with more humidity, along a small stream, spring has already shown its face. The daffodils have already begun to bloom.

Näher zum Meer, mit etwas mehr Feuchtigkeit, neben einem kleinen Bach, hat der Frühling sein Gesicht schon gezeigt. Die Narzissen blühen hier schon.

Portimão Praca da Republica

Other than the promenade near the fishing docks, this plaza in the center of the city is the only attractive place in the large city of Portimão that I could find. Otherwise, there are many tall apartment buildings and hotels.

Ausser der Promenade beim Fischerhafen, dieser Platz mitten in der Stadt is der einzige attraktive Stelle in der Stadt von Portimão. Sonst gibt es nur grosse Wohnblocks und Hotels.

Apartment Buildings in Portimão

Wohnungen in Portimão

On the outskirts of the city, new apartment buildings are constantly being built. These are for Portuguese tenants.

Am Statdrand werden dauernd neue Wohnungen gebaut. diese sind für Portugiesiche Einwohner.


Praia da Rocha - The Most Famous Beach in the Algarve

Praia da Rocha - Der Bekannteste Strand in der Algarve

I’m neither a fan of large beaches nor of large cities. I was here at Praia da Rocha several years ago, and there were at least 5,000 people lying on this beach in the sun. Back then, I walked to the West to a smaller emptier beach, Praia dos Tres Castelos, shown below.

Ich bin klein grosser Fan weder von grossen Stränden noch von der Grosstadt. Vor einigen Jahren war ich hier auf diesem Strand und es waren mindestens 5.000 Leute hier, die sich gesonnt haben. Damals bin ich Richtung Westen zu einem kleineren Strand, Praia dos Tres Castelos (siehe unten), gewandert.

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