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Georgia Biking

Last Update: 2 October 2010

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CIMG1627 Silver Comet

Welcome to Georgia

Don at the Entrance to the
Silver Comet Trail
Georgia State Line

CIMG1630 Bike Trail Sign
CIMG1632 Trail Sign
CIMG1631 Trail Sign
CIMG1633 Trail Sign
CIMG1638 Barry House
CIMG1634 Trail

Barry and Barbara’s Humble Home in Acworth, Georgia where I Stayed for Three Nights!
Thanks You Two Lovely People !

End of the Trail for the Day

CIMG1643 Barry Grilling
CIMG1645 Barry and Barb

Right: Barry and Barbara

Below: Don with Bob Duggan - a good friend in Stone Mountain

Barry with Gidget

Don Bike 002

Don and Bob Duggan -- a good friend in Stone Mountain, Georgia


Typical home in Georgia

CIMG1656 Nice home in the country

Some People are not so Fortunate

CIMG1657 for  the church

Nice Home in the Country

CIMG1658 kudzu house

Good Idea - -Slow down for church!

CIMG1659 road

Kudzu - intended to help control the mice - now a plague!

CIMG1660 Barnesville

Typical Road in Southern Georgia

CIMG1661 Barnesville

Barnesville - a Refreshing Oasis

CIMG1663 Adirondack Chairs

Shop that sells Chairs

CIMG1667 angels

Sign next to Cemetery

CIMG1675 sunrise

Even without Asphalt, the Sunrise is Beautiful!

CIMG1678 trash

Sad Side of American Roads

CIMG1681 peace


CIMG1689 hilly andersonville

Even South of Andersonville, the Roads are NOT FLAT

CIMG1694 pecans

Pecan Trees near Veteran’s National Park

CIMG1697 lake palm

First Palm Tree and Moss Hung Trees

CIMG1701 Retired and Broke

Retired and Broke Drive - I know the feeling!

CIMG1703 Courthouse in Sylvester

Courthouse in Sylvester, Georgia

CIMG1705 Southern Georgia Home - Pawn Shop Owner

The Home of the Pawn Shop Owner in Sylvester “Hey”

Barnesville - a Refreshing Oasis

CIMG1664 cemetery

Small Cemetery by the Road

CIMG1669 pavement ends

Surprise! End of Asphalt! Asphalt ends!

CIMG1676 sunrise
CIMG1679 state prson

Georgia State Prison - Gefängnis

CIMG1687 red road

Red Dirt in Georgia

CIMG1693 farm

Farm Near Oglethorpe Georgia

CIMG1696 cotton

Cotton - Ginned and Ready to go to Market

CIMG1700 flat

Flatlands in Georgia

CIMG1702 River in Georgia

Just a Picturesque River in Georgia!

CIMG1704 Diner in Sylvester

Diner in Sylvester. Lunch anyone?

CIMG1706 Cotton Bales

Bales of Cotton in South Georgia

CIMG1707 Cotton Fields

Cotton - ready for the cotton-pickin’ cotton-picker

CIMG1708 S GA Lake

Lake in South Georgia

CIMG1715 So Mansion
CIMG1711 Place to Sleep Cemetery

Moss-Hung Trees Close to Florida

Last Night in Georgia

Ride on to Florida


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