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Last Update: 4 March 2012

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CIMG1719 FL State Line

Yes Sir!
I made it to Florida!


Boy! Was it ever hot today! 90+


Can’t complain. I’ve chalked up over 2000 kilometers and 1440 dollars for Christian.

CIMG1720 Taking a break
CIMG1723 Seagulls

The most exciting view of the day was a flock of seagulls.

The ocean must be near.

CIMG1725 Wardlaw Smith House
CIMG1724 Wardlaw Smith House

A bit of History!

CIMG1729 Lee
CIMG1732 Turtle

Since my second name is Lee, I couldn’t resist riding through Lee, Florida!

This turtle was slowly crossing a US Highway. I had to rescue him!

CIMG1733 Suwanee River

Way, down upon the Suwanee River!

CIMG1737 Boring Hwy

Boring... Cycling can become very boring. This highway went on for 40 miles with nothing to see but cattle ranches.

CIMG1736 Ranch in N FL

Typical Cattle Ranch in North Florida Check out the little house a half mile off the road!

CIMG1740 Donkeys for sale
CIMG1742 Zebra Donkey

The sign said “Donkeys for sale”, but wait a minute. What’s that back there?

CIMG1744 Gimmick

Shore ‘nuff. This guy was selling “Zebra Donkeys

CIMG1747 Bike Trail

If you want to sell anything, you have to have a “Gimmick”

CIMG1750 Turtle Crows

First Bike Trail in Florida

CIMG1752 Storm Cell

I know, I already showed you one turtle, but this one was being attacked by vultures. Clever little devil. Every time a vulture would appear, he would duck inside his house. Check that evil eye!

CIMG1754 Cave Diver

Check that storm cell. Pouring Rain. Eventually, a couple of these boogers caught up with me.

CIMG1756 Santa Fe Rvr

Cave Diver bites the water. The only sport that Lloyds of London will not insure is cave diving.

CIMG1757  Santa Fe Rvr

Santa Fe River

CIMG1803 Murky Waters

Santa Fe River again... complete solitude

CIMG1761 Santa Fe Rvr

Santa Fe River - Would you swim here? Click the picture!

CIMG1763 Blue Spring River

Santa Fe River again... 2 miles from the nearest road.

CIMG1767 Blue Spring

Spring-Fed River in the Wilderness

CIMG1769 Blue Spring
CIMG1770 Blue Spring

Blue Spring - Bass about 5 Pounds

CIMG1771 Blue Spring

Blue Spring - 72 Degrees out of a Cave

CIMG1775 Jungle

Blue Spring - Crystal Clear Water that I Could Drink While Swimming - Yes, of Course I Did

CIMG1776 Sand Road

Jungle - I could hear the Monkeys

CIMG1777  Sign

Sand Road

CIMG1778 Drive Safely

One of Many Such Road Signs

CIMG1780 Reflectors

I wonder if they were ready?

CIMG1781 Bike Trail

A Simple Precaution - See the Reflectors on my Bike?
I took this picture with a flash to show what it looks like when I ride the bicycle at night!

CIMG1782 Art

The Longest Paved Rail-Bike Trail in Florida - 46 Miles

CIMG1787 Inverness
CIMG1791 Break Time

Withlacoochee Cycling Trail

Rattlesnake Withlacoochie Trail1

Taking a Break with Mountain Dew

rattlesnake near orlando

Rattlesnake next to Cycling Trail

CIMG1798 Vines in Swamp

“I hate snakes!” ... Indiana Jones

CIMG1808 Bike on Withlahoochee Trail

Along a Jungle Trail not far from Orlando

CIMG1810 Bird in Swamp

250 meters off the Withlacoochie Trail

CIMG1814 Jimmy

Bird Feeding in the Swamp

CIMG1815 Green Swamp

Jimmy, mowing the grass along the Withlacoochie Trail, gave me a great tip to go to the Green Swamp and ride on the Van Fleet Trail

CIMG1817 Grey Herons

There’s no question why it is called the Green Swamp

CIMG1821 Green Swamp

Grey Herons

CIMG1827 Green Swamp

Green Swamp

CIMG1828 Overgrown Trees

Green Swamp

CIMG1836 Cormorant in Lakeland

Jungle-Like Vines in the Green Swamp near Polk City

DSC00473 Lake with Cormorant

Cormorant Drying His Wings

DSC00472 Lake near Lakeland

Lake in Lakeland

CIMG1846 Steamboat

Lake in Lakeland

CIMG1857 Disneyworld Castle

Steamboat at Disneyworld

CIMG1855 Tabea Disneyworld Castle

This trip was not all pedaling a bicycle. I also visited Disneyworld with some friends in Lakeland. To the left is the Disney Castle and, to the right, a statue of Walt Disney and Tabea sitting in front of the Disney Castle.

DSC00068 Don Michael at Cinderella's Well
DSC00075 Tabea at Cinderella's Well

Don and Michael at Cinderella’s Fountain

Right: Tabea at Cinderella’s Fountain

DSC00123 Cinderella & Handsome Prince
DSC00130 Princess Tabea2

Cinderella and the Handsome Prince

CIMG1941 Skywriter's Message

Princess Tabea

CIMG1988 Victory Church

Skywriter’s Message above Disneyworld

CIMG1990 Lake near Lakeand

Victory Church in Lakeland
I attended this church and spoke to the Sunday School Class about the purpose of my trip, who responded with a wonderful gift to support Christian.

CIMG1996 Lake near Lakeand

Lake near Lakeland, Florida

CIMG2026 Sunset in Punta Gorda

Lake near Lakeland, Florida

CIMG2035 Sunrise in Punta Gorda

Sunset in Punta Gorda, Florida

CIMG2041 Henna und Waldemar

Sunrise in Punta Gorda, Florida

CIMG2056 Bonita Springs

“Henne” and Waldemar Bokrand

A lovely warmhearted couple that fed me and gave me a place to sleep on my journey south!

CIMG2043 Ft Myers Docks

Finally at my Destination

CIMG2050 Ft Myers Beach

Boat Docks in Fort Myers

CIMG2067 Ft Myers Bay

Fort Myers Beach

CIMG2093 Gilligans Island

Fort Myers Bay

CIMG2071 Spider

Fort Myers Beach

CIMG2047 Lizard

Even this paradise is not without its dangers!

CIMG2108 Flipper

This lizard blends in well with the decor!

CIMG2101 Pelicans

Flipper - Having Fun

CIMG2091 Birds

Pelicans - Having a Conversation

CIMG2118 Mailbox

Birds - Enjoying the View

CIMG2125 Hungry Birds

Pelican Mailbox

CIMG2116 Osprey

More Birds - Enjoying Breakfast

CIMG2137 Don with Aunt Mary Jo

Osprey - Also Enjoying the View

CIMG2136 Aunt and Uncle

Aunt Mary Jo and Uncle Hershell Dodd

A Lovely Couple - and Still Together at 81

Don with Mary Jo - 15 pounds lighter after riding 36 days (3 days break) and 1600 Miles - Boy can she ever make a great plate of Chicken & Noodles - It’s a wonder I didn’t gain it all back!


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