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Cycling in Portugal 2009

Last Update: 22 October 2010

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If I was going to Portugal, then why did I go to Spain first? Simple, I found a flight for only 41 Euros to Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. I spent a total of 30 Euros in Spain on the way to Portugal. That is ultra cheap transportation from Germany to Portugal. The flight to Faro would have cost 270 Euros.

Besides, I needed the exercise. My stomach was beginning to grow and I wanted to trim down. I know no better way than to spin my way 350 kilometers to Portugal.

So, here I am in Villa Real de Santo Antonio - in the center of the Marketplace.

Portuguese bakers selling bread in the Marketplace.

Portuguese fishermen selling their wares in Villa Real de Santo Antonio.

Lady selling antiques under the orange trees. Hungry? Just pick an orange. They’re ripe this time of year.

Famous Poet - Lutegarda Guimaraes de Caires

Just down the road near Castro Marim, Wild Flamingos in a lagoon.

And a few minutes later, Flamingos in Flight

Portuguese Windmill in Castro Marim

Castro Marim

Fortress in Castro Marim

The CDU (Coligao Democratica Unitria) (tr: United Democratic Coalition) is not the counterpart to the Christian Democratic Union (the conservative party in Germany, similar to the Republican Party in the USA). In fact, the (PCP - Partido Comunista Portugues) the Portuguese Communist party is part of the CDU. I find it interesting that it was placed directly below the bullfight placard.

Manta Rota Beach

Carcela Velha - The boats below are land-locked until the tide comes in.

Santa Rita Refuge

Fuseta - just before sunset

The ecovia (ecological trail) below is a Portuguese cycling trail that is currently being built from the Spanish border to Sagres, the furthest point west on the Algarve coast.

Tavira - A Beautiful City to Visit

The Ponta Romana (Roman Bridge) to the right and the churches and castle in Tavira are often visited even by Portuguese tourists.

Tavira City Square

It’s a tree! -- or is it? Wrong guess! It is a repeater station for cell phones. If you look closely, you will see that all the branches look alike. These camoflaged receiver/transmitters are all over Portugal. Clever idea!

The tree below I found quite by accident. It is over 2000 years old. It’s hard to imagine a tree that was here when Christ was walking on the earth, but there it is.

Inside the trunk of the tree, someone had carved a chair and small table from part of the trunk.

If you think it is easy to ride the bicycle and hike in Portugal, it is not always true. The plant below is full of burrs that attached themselves to my clothing. The creek next to it was lined with cactuses so thick, you couldn’t walk down to the bank.

Old Fort near Cabanas / Tavira

Stork near Olhao

Abandoned House near Olhao

Island of Armona near Olhao

Cadea do Comarca, Olhao


Island of Farol

Farol is a vacation island for the Portuguese. No cars, only a few bicycles, and walkways all over the city. Quiet and relaxation is the name of the game here.

Local Artwork on a Rock on the Jetty

These are not waves from the ocean, but rather waves caused by the tide flowing into the ocean from the Ria Formosa - a saltwater river between the islands where the tide flows in and out every day.

Sailing before Sunset

After Farol, I traveled to Lagos, where I was in 2008. Click HERE to see where I spent most of my time during this trip. Click HERE to see my entire trip in 2008.


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