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Portugal 2005

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Polveira Beach - Portugal

What in the world am I doing in Portugal? Good Question! And that brings us to the real reason I started riding the bicycle a few years ago. Sure, the reason I explained in Escape from Reality is true, but there is a deeper reason. I’ll try to explain briefly here

You see, about 3 years ago the doctors said that I was severely handicapped and recommended that I apply for that status. I did and easily received a certificate that verifies a 60% handicap. It made me feel pretty useless, so I wanted to prove something to the doctors and to myself. I wanted to prove that even handicapped people can enjoy life and excel in some sports.

Yes, I was very sick back then, and I still have some very frustrating days - with a lot difficulty breathing, not from smoking - I gave that up 3 weeks after I started 4 decades ago, but passive smoke causes my bronchial tubes to close almost completely. How it came about is hard to say, but I feel best out of doors in the fresh air. Bicycling is the only sport I’ve found that allows me to remain fit and keep my lungs in optimal condition.

Now and then I have to make an Impromptu trip to clear up my lungs when the unexpected happens. So here I am.

Portugal was my choice in the early Spring because it is warm and there is plenty of fresh air blowing in from the Atlantic ocean. I was surprised to find several bicycle trails along the coast there. After only 2 weeks of bicycle riding, I felt like a new person again. Some day, I may return for a longer trip in this fascinating country. 

Bicycling? Surprisingly good. Sometimes, the bicycle trails were as good as the highways and even included a middle stripe.

The Portuguese boats had an interesting form. Later, I learned that there is sometimes competition to see who can put the most interesting paintings on the bow. A winning boat below was displayed near the town square in Nazaré.

Nazaré Beach

The “Old Town” is high above on a hill.

Nazaré Beach

From the Old Town

A bit cold for a swim, but a fantastic view.

Nazaré - Old Town Square

Pagoda, Marketplace and
“Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ”

The Day Pope John Paul Died

Sao Pedro de Moel

Transportation - Portuguese Style

Povoa de Varzim

Praia de Vieira

Fish, Fish, and More Fish


“End of the Story”


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