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Last Update: 19 September 2010

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          ”No encounter of any length is pure chance

Yesterday, 15 September, 2010, Gregg Taylor drove his vehicle slowly along the road beside me and chatted with me briefly about touring on a bicycle. I somehow had a feeling I might see him again. The next morning, he passed me again about 15 or 20 miles from where I had first seen him. When he pulled into a gas station, I followed him hoping for a chance to talk with him. Our encounter was very brief and I handed him a card that included my Website address and explained the purpose of my cycling trip

I believe that no encounter of any length is pure chance and that God sometimes has a purpose when we meet a stranger (even when we have no idea what it might be). A couple of hours later, I received an e-mail from Gregg. We wrote back and forth a couple of times and became instant friends. Here are excerpts from his e-mail, which I believe may be an inspiration to you

Wow...such a quick response - you have to love our technology these days!

My background is in information systems and quality assurance, etc. So I am well-versed in the high tech world of today and into the future. It is ever-changing for sure.

Indeed there are no "chance" meetings. God has a way of putting is into situations where we need them the most. I have been undergoing various unknowns and had actually received a layoff letter from my company yesterday because of all the chaos in NASA and where things are going contractually, etc. That said, I was in need of an uplifting encounter and you sir, were it.

I visited your website and saw that you are a strong person of faith as I am. And also noticed you like Christian pop music. Such coincidences. I am a drummer for a band called Faith Rising. We write original contemporary christian music and I also play in a band that supports Celebrate Recovery at a church in Guntersville, AL, which I believe you may be riding through today on your journey. Music opens many doors for those so desperate for positive words of faith and opportunity to turn one's life around.

I wish you God speed on your journey .....

It was a great pleasure and awesome timing meeting you even for a brief moment. By the way, I just this second got news that I may be okay for another year on my current contract with NASA. God is good...

I hope we can stay in touch...

Take care my friend


Gregg’s e-mail is also an inspiration to me. This trip is not really about cycling. It’s about meeting people like Gregg. And I have met many as you can see from the list of people on my home page. I hope Gregg can go cycling with me some day in Germany. I’m certain I will hear from him again.

Every day, I meet someone and look forward to the next encounter that God has planned for me. I’m no angel, but I’m always glad when God uses me to encourage one of his followers -- or even motivate others to consider following the One who gave me purpose in life.


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