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Last Update: 19 September 2010

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Don’s Last Day at Work

I want to retire before I expire
and do what I want to do.
So, I’ll put all aside, on my bike I will ride,
‘Till the cheeks on my backside turn blue.

It will be such a thrill to sit on a hill,
and soak up the sun at noon,
While you sit at your desk and pound out your best,
I’ll be whistling a brand new tune. 

The deadlines are past and I’m free at last
to go fishing or take kids to the zoo.
to sit ‘neath a tree to sip a good cup of tea
and in the evening a stronger brew.

S-A-P has a vision and has made the decision,
to succeed whatever the cost.
So while you’re helping the board the market to hoard,
I’ll be in the woods getting lost.

Now, I know that it’s true: skies are not always blue,
but that doesn’t matter at all.
For when the rain comes down, there’s no need to frown,
I’ll just go to the shopping mall.

When the weather is cold and winter takes hold,
to the beach is where I will fly. 
Lanzarote, Tenerife, Sri Lanka, Mallorca,
New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii.

Although it was stressful, it wasn't that bad,
and there was rarely a time of dismay.
For our team is a "family" of women and men,
that care for each other each day.

You've always found time for a chat and a walk
and a cup of coffee at ten.
Whatever evolved, the problems you've solved,
with a nod and a wink and a grin.

So it's really quite hard to say "goodbye"
to this team of people so rare,
It'll ne'er be the same, when I have to leave
all my friends so willing to share.

René as the boss, for me is a loss,
and Nicole who is ever so true.
I'll miss Silke's big smile, Eleanor's wile,
Ian, Pam, Susann(e) too.

Volker, and Darius, Heike and Klaus,
Michaela, Andreas, Marie,
Markus, our leader, who holds us together
and keeps us from sinking at sea.

And all the rest who are gathered right here,
of my life you've been a wonderful part,
But you can't get away, I'm happy to say,
'cause I've got you right here - in my heart!


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